12 Monkeys – TV-Tip of the Week

12 Monkeys - TV-Tip of the Week

12 Monkeys – TV-Tip of the Week

  In 2035 mankind has retired after a devastating pandemic virus at the end of the 20th century, died in the five billion people, lives below the ground and there in deplorable conditions. Again and again, scientists expeditions to be sent from above to know more about the mysterious disease in experience. One of the “volunteers” who has not yet mutated to find the original virus, is James Cole (Bruce Willis), who is constantly tormented by flashbacks of his childhood. He is to be catapulted back through a journey back to the year 1996, but he ends up accidentally in 1990, where he is promptly admitted to a mental hospital. There he meets the crazy Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt) and the psychiatrist, Dr. Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe) and heard for the first time by an organization called the “Army of 12 Monkeys”, which will be responsible for subsequent events. Again and again between the year 2035 and the past oscillating Cole soon not know whether he’s crazy and everything just dreaming or whether the events actually happen as he takes her to experience. Only with time is revealed to him the full dimensions of the complications that has gotten into it …

12 Monkeys Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece is based on the short film La Jetée / On the edge of the runway from the year 1962. In this telling, the French filmmaker Chris Marker, the story of a man who lives in a future devastated by nuclear war and tries to return to earlier times, to change the destiny of mankind. But then it turns out that the man whose murder he sees in a memory, none other than himself. On this basis, Terry Gilliam realized after a presentation by the two scriptwriters Janet and David Peoples intelligent and convoluted end-time thriller that Markers Linked visions sent with an atmosphere a la the nineties, Brazil was one of the most remarkable and most complex films. 12 Monkeys quickly became a genuine cult film, and even today there is in watching this film every time you always discover something new. That a film like this just in those years before the millennium should be a classic that speaks volumes and shows how much the Millennium is also in the enlightened times of apocalyptic fears and the associated fear of a self-inflicted disaster. And, given the rapidly advancing climate change Gilliam’s visions are not only the fantasies of an extraordinary filmmaker, but a remarkable parable on the human condition and the fragility of the earth. A modern classic, which is also reflected in the fact that 12 Monkeys was the first DVD, which was published in the European market.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: 12 Monkeys – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: USA Year of production: 1995 Length: 125 (min)

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