Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow – TV-Tip of the Week

Miss Smillas Feeling for Snow - TV-Tip of the Week

Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow – TV-Tip of the Week

               Genre: drama, literature, crime
               Murder, Inuit, Arctic

Sunday, 28 March 2010, ARTE, 20:15 Clock

  When the little Inuit Isaiah (Clipper Miano) is found dead on the asphalt before winter waterfront apartment building in Copenhagen, where he lived with his alcoholic mother, Juliane (Agga Olsen), the police quickly try to classify this accident as an accident: the Young had played on the roof and had fallen down there. But his neighbor and friend Smilla Jaspersen (Julia Ormond), who also comes from Greenland, and as a scientist is a specialist in the snow, doubted this version quite vehemently. First, it is aware of the strong fear of heights of the boy who would never willingly climbed onto the roof, and secondly it has sighted shortly after the alleged accident, the fresh tracks in the snow, which speak a different language …
( #) Smilla’s Sense of Snow after the eponymous novel by Peter Høeg successfully from the year 1992 is an absorbing, complex mystery with cultural components in the tension between Denmark and Greenland, who lives mainly by stimulating intellectual universe of his headstrong protagonist. This was cool to go Smilla Jaspersen with their razor-sharp intellect and her unwavering tendency of things to the bottom, who grew up in their Greenlandic mother, a Robbenfängerin, and shipped to their death to their father, a prominent physician in Copenhagen, entangled in the course of its investigation into an opaque network of power interests, which threatens her more than once to be fatal.

Although the film, which opened in 1997, the International Film Festival in Berlin, where he ran in the official competition, and by Danish director Bille August’s The House of Spirits / The House Of The Spirits, 1993, Goodbye Bafana (, 2007) was staged, it can hardly convey the complexity and atmospheric density of the literary text, it nevertheless succeeds in visualizing appealing this exciting story. Clear pictures of snow and ice give a cool touch of the fascination of a harsh nature, and the illustrious ensemble with prominent players like Vanessa Redgrave, Mario Adorf, Jürgen Vogel, Richard Harris and impresses with its embodiment of grumpy characters, which contribute its bit to Miss to make Smilla’s Sense of Snow to a curious crime against conformity.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Smilla’s Sense of Snow Country of production: Germany, Denmark, Sweden Production year: 1996 Length: 116 (Min)

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