Michel Gondry – Biography and Filmography

Michel Gondry - Biography and Filmography

Michel Gondry – Biography and filmography

  The screenplay for Michel Gondry first feature film, the eccentric comedy Human Nature – The Crown of Creation (Human Nature, 2001), written by Charlie Kaufman, whose script for his second film Catch Me If You – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004) was born.

Gondry extraordinary ideas and creativity, which he first became a director of music videos and commercials, attracted early attention. To Gondry remarkable music clips include Fell In Love With A Girl, was the groundbreaking for the White Stripes and Lego animation used and at the MTV Video Music Awards was clearing away prices. Gondry also directed the clip for Steriogram Walkie Talkie Man, the band in the studio and showed the area of Los Angeles. The story is embedded in a milieu that was completely dominated by the motif of wool.

One of the first commercials was staged by him drugstore, which was created for Levi’s. The clip won the Golden Lion top prize at the Cannes Werbefilmfestval, and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most outstanding commercial lists of all time. Other well-known commercials from Gondry are Mermaids, again for Levi’s, who won at the Clio Awards in Cannes and a silver medal, a bronze medal, and Smarienburg, a contract manufacturing for Smirnoff, which was awarded a prize at Cannes and the Clio Awards Gold Medals.

His entry as a director Michel Gondry achieved while still studying graphics at a French art school when he directs music videos for the band Oui Oui to stage began as a drummer, he also belonged to himself. The success of these clips attracted the attention of other French bands, and it was not long before Gondry began to work internationally.

1993 he met the singer Bjork, and it was one of his longest, most creative and successful working relationship with an artist. Their first joint production, the video Human Behavior, won all the big prices of the music video scene. After Gondry directed five other videos for Bjork, including Joga and Bachelorette.

2006 Michel Gondry to put two films at the Berlinale. His feature film The Science of Sleep and Dave Chappelle was in competition Block Party was in the Panorama section to see.

Filmography – Michel Gondry (selection)

Master of Space and Time

The Flight of the Conchords – Unnatural Love (TV)

Be Kind Rewind (Rewind)
Tôkyô! (Segment: Hiroko & Akira in Tokyo)

The Science of Sleep

Dave Chappelle Block Party

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (Catch Me If You – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind)

Human Nature (The Crown of Creation – Human Nature)

Title: Michel Gondry – Biography and filmography

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