Men on the Bridge

Men on the Bridge

Men on the Bridge

               Genre: Drama
               Policeman, taxi driver, Istanbul, Turkey, street vendors

Between the Worlds

  Strictly speaking, this a movie, but actually it works as a documentary: The director originally from Istanbul Asli Özge distinguished in their double award winning debut, the picture of a society in-waiting.

The Bosporus: legendary strait, the boundary between Europe and Asia. No less fascinating is the bridge that was built here in the 1950s: 1.5 kilometers long, 64 meters high, a highway with six lanes. A building that stands for progress, for connection, communication and understanding between two worlds. But director Asli Ozge, which is raised in Istanbul, the bridge sees a symbol of an entirely different nature at her most of the people stuck in traffic.

This does not only tens of thousands of motorists, but also the three protagonists who spend much of their time on the bridge, without having to know each other. Since Umut is on the one hand the taxi driver. He moans about the traffic and the demands of his wife, whom he with his wages can not meet. And there is Murat, the lone traffic policeman, finds much less a woman because she always run away when they learn of his professional life and the dismal earning potential. At the very bottom of the social scale is the young Fikret. He sells roses on the bridge. The little use and is also illegal.

In the beginning, each of the three young men are still hopes and dreams. Umut and his wife is looking for a better apartment. Murat chatting every night on the Internet with new potential marriage candidates. Fikret, and is applying for regular jobs. But in the course of the film is clear that these efforts have run into the void.

The description is realistic because the characters are not fictitious. The director just wanted to make a documentary. She met the men in Istanbul, she met and interviewed her life. But because Turkish police officers are not allowed to participate in a film, said Asli Özge based on researching the screenplay for a feature film. Nevertheless, one can not simply attribute the result of one or other category. Quite deliberately, the director, who has lived since 2000 in Berlin, boundaries, would also between reality and fiction. Thus two of the characters play themselves, the figure of Murat is also occupied by a layman, but the female characters are played by professional actors.

A key scene in the film is set during the national holiday. Military marching, tanks and fighter jets thundered be screened in formation over the heads of the masses. Here is unobtrusive A connection: between the prospects of young people and a dull aggression, which manifests itself in a resurgent nationalism. It is well researched and sensitively observed. Asli Özge that the zeitgeist and the problems of Turkish society has aptly put in the picture, can also be reflected in the prices, which has won the film. He ran on some prestigious festivals, including Locarno and Toronto. As each case, however, he was awarded best film in Turkey, at the competitions in Istanbul and Adana.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Men on the Bridge Original Title: Köprüdekiler Country of production: Germany, Turkey, Netherlands Year of production: 2009 Length : 87 (Min) of material: farbfilm Distribution

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