Men in the water

Men in the water
               Genre: Comedy
  Freshly divorced and unemployed: For the ex-journalist Frederik (Jonas Inde), it can not actually run straight round. But fortunately there is indeed the sport. And in his case, the game of choice is hockey. However, once you’re unlucky, joins the misfortune often added promptly: As Frederik and his hockey buddies, neither children nor female, nor are disabled, they lose their hall times and have now not even a training option. Depression and frustration has set in and Frederik during a wet-gay bachelor farewell and thanks to his coming to him temporarily living daughter Sarah (Amanda Davin) on a crazy idea: How about if we would resort to a male synchronized swimming team to start?

First, the whole thing is just a proverbial crazy idea, which is designed to raise money for a hockey training ground. But over time it will know Frederik and his men – all in just a midlife crisis -. Is it possible, driven by a mediocre talent at best and, above all by their own will-power to shape the chaotic pile of a harmonious team that stands out in a male-dominated sport by grace, gracefulness and perfect synchronicity? Especially when no one appreciates your efforts and it quickly falls under the suspicion of being homosexual?

Under the general suspicion is suffering especially the homophobic Victor (Peter Gardiner) very much. And when the team finally perform after long weeks and months of practice, the first professional performance of her long program just at a Gay Pride weekend has to be formally Victor sees it, as he feels uncomfortable in his skin. But there is a common goal that unites the troops: A Swedish national team to the newcomers at the World Championships in Berlin finally compete with other teams. For in their homeland, they are the only male synchronized swimming group. On the way to Berlin, but there are still a lot to overcome obstacles in order to be able to be there. And when will suddenly become a hot surprise title contenders, the structure of the team to the test …

Of course you feel at this likeable comedy about loser, grow beyond the one day about himself, and then at very or not at all / The Full Monty recalls. But men in the water certainly has its own charm to make en passant about men in midlife crisis just as funny as the excesses of the proportional-gooders thought the liberal Swedish society, the sheer anxiety around the image to forget that homophobia and exclusion already in small begins. Given the many personal and social cramps, showing the film, sometimes casually provocative, wins a scene within the film as a whole new meaning: In order to create in the first place the foundations for the characters and intricate maneuvers to have the men can teach themselves once how to float in the water – a better (and difficult) exercise in serenity, there is hardly. Simply letting go is sometimes not so easy …

In the wake of the aforementioned film The Full Monty or other films about the supposed outsider who dare the impossible (such as Calendar Girls and On a Clear Day) could Måns Herngren men in the water under circumstances similar to an art-house how to hit some time ago which also originally from Sweden, as in heaven. He has what it takes to all cases.

The movie, incidentally starts in winter 2009 in German cinemas, an exact start date has been fixed yet.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: men in the water Original Title: Allt Flyte Country of production: Sweden Year of production: 2008 Length: 100 (Min) of material: Pandora Film Distribution

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