Melvil Poupaud – Biography and Filmography

Melvil Poupaud - Biography and Filmography

Melvil Poupaud – biography and filmography

  On 26 Born in Paris in January 1973 Melvil Poupaud is French, not only in his homeland as an established actor, but has now in Hollywood by working in James Ivory’s American comedy Le Divorce (2003) alongside Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts made a name.

1998 Poupaud was named by the European Film Promotion as one of Europe’s shooting stars. A cinema audience is Poupaud but above all a concept by its male lead in Eric Rohmer’s melodrama summer of 1996, the third part of his four seasons cycle. A year earlier, was seen Poupaud in Diary of a Seducer (1995) in addition to Chiara Mastroianni. Poupaud was also outstanding in a supporting role in Jean-Jacques Annaud The Lover (1992 ).

In addition to his work as an actor Poupaud has also been on numerous short films. Together with his brother Yarol he is also a member of the rock band Mud .

Filmography – Melvil Poupaud (selection)

44 Inch Chest (directed by Malcolm Venville )

Le crime est notre affaire (directed by Pascal Thomas)
Love and Virtue (directed by Raoul Ruiz)
Speed Racer (Director: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski) (# ) Un Conte de Noël (Director: Arnaud Desplechin)
The Broken (Director: Sean Ellis)

Un homme perdu (directed by Danielle Arbid)
L’heure zéro (directed Pascal Thomas)
Broken English (Director: Zoe R. Cassavetes)

Melvil (Director: Melvil Poupaud)

Le temps qui reste (The Time to Leave, directed by Francois Ozon)

Monde extérieur (Director: David Rault)
Je suis votre homme (directed by Danièle Dubroux)

Le Divorce (An affair in Paris, directed by James Ivory)

Reines d’un jour (directed by Marion Vernoux)

A raiz coração (Director: Paolo Rocha)
Schminkent Hotel (directed by Charles de Meaux)

Les Kidnappeurs (Director: Graham Guit)

Conte d’été (summer, Director: Eric Rohmer)
Généalogies d’un crime (directed by Raoul Ruiz)

Le journal d’un séducteur (The Diary of a Seducer, directed by Danièle Dubroux)
Elisa (Directed by Jean Becker)

Les gens n’ont rien d’Normaux exeptionnel (directed by Laurence Ferreira-Barbosa)

L’amant (The Lover , directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud)

La Fille de quinze ans (A woman of 15, directed by Jacques Doillon)

Title: Melvil Poupaud – biography and filmography

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