Mein Name ist Bach

Mein Name ist Bach

Mein Name ist Bach

  Leaves in May 1747 Johann Sebastian Bach (Vadim Glowna), accompanied by his eldest son Friedemann (Anatole Taubman), Leipzig, to go to Potsdam for the christening of his first grandson Adam. They are expected to Emanuel Bach (Paul Herwig), the second son of Bach and harpsichordist at the court of Frederick II of Prussia.
The King (Jurgen Vogel), who is teaching is about the arrival of the great composers, Bach arranged appearance the court to. The king provoked the composer, taking him to forward immediately to improvise a fugue melody selbstausgedachten difficult to six votes. But Bach refused to face the long journey and the arrogance of the young king, and leaves the castle suddenly – a huge provocation.

Now begins a grueling guerrilla war between Frederick II and Johann Sebastian Bach, a love-hate relationship that originated has in old wounds and rejections. Frederick, full of memories of his brutal, sadistic father, his friend and lover, finds the young Lieutenant Katte, who was beheaded in front of his eyes, hatred for anything that resembles a paternal image. But the understanding, aging Bach, the Frederick discovered in the course of this week, stirring his heart. More and more, Bach is the epitome of a loving father, whom the young king never.

And the composer is both repelled and attracted. He is deeply annoyed by the arrogance and caprice of the young king, but the feud with your own sons leads him to appreciate Frederick and behind the facade of his difficult character to look. And so he sets out unnoticed from fulfilling the task of the first evening. Night after night, he composes and gets into a true creative frenzy, regardless of their physical frailty, until he can finally present his work, The Musical Offering, the young king. But has other worries, as the Seven Years’ War had begun.

On the way home, finally intersect at a frontier post, the paths of two great men of their times: first, Johann Sebastian Bach, the aging and nearly blind in returns to his homeland, and Bach, who returns as a successful musician and father, beaten, and Voltaire, who is traveling as a new guest, and the next victim to drive away the loneliness of the king.

, the Swiss director Dominique de Rivaz is My name is a highly successful Bach sehenswertes portrait of two historical figures, which also go way beyond the sitter. Far away from any stereotypes and trivialization of the sensitive presentation offers a look behind the scenes of the world’s great things that have happened. In addition to the complex and harmonious decor and costumes (under the guidance of the punk icon Vivienne Westwood), it is mainly the exorbitant drama performances by Vadim Glowna and Juergen Vogel, which differentiates the film far from the mass of historical films and biographies. He is also a successful character study, a psychological drama and a clever book about the relationship between art and power. More can barely afford a movie actually.

Title: Mein Name ist Bach Country of production: Germany, Switzerland Year of production: 2003 Length: 99 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Pegasus Film Distribution

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