Meet the Elizabeth!

Meet the Elizabeth!
               Genre: Comedy
  The Vollchaot and lovable Spinner Jean-Gabriel promises to his family for a skiing holiday, even though he has just verzockt of his money and got rid of the temporary job. Despairs that his wife is not surprising, but she has not reckoned with the resourcefulness of her husband, who is pledged to offer his three kids an unforgettable snow adventure. But whether it be displayed to visitors and residents of the idyllic Resort turbulent family with Caribbean roots so happy on their trails and pistes?

While Jean-Gabriel (Lucien Jean-Baptiste) Preparations for the holiday run at full speed, stock his wife Suzanne (Anne Consigny) long since decided to let him go alone with the children, because they feared a fresh disaster. Instead, his mother plans to summarily JG Bonne Maman (Firmine Richard) with one, but takes his invitation to the holiday and is literally a finger touch in the household, after all, for years she had served him and he could finally come to avenge her. Their landlord, the elderly couple Morgeot encounter apparently the first time in their lives, black people, and especially the woman is nervous and tense, for the foreigners to make her afraid, and also firmly sit with her prejudices. Soon the family, Elizabeth is the idyllic resort on the head, JG pursues his passion for horse racing to continue, and is just as unsuccessful as in Paris and Bonne Maman now but still feels compelled to provide at least for the physical well-being of the family, as the cooking skills of her son to offend the palate of all too much. Meanwhile, molts, the youngest of the family Ludo (Ludovic Francois), a real Skiwunder and he makes friends with the owner at his sister Manon (Loreyna Colombo) participates in a singing competition, and the teenager Yann (Jimmy Woha-Woha) madly in love In a runway beauty. Whether this is actually an unforgettable holiday experience for Elizabeth to overcome the different color of the little people their prejudices still Resort and J-G’s wife back to him?

Lovely, as here, is handled with prejudice, stereotypes will be circulated and the pervasive racism is wrapped in irony. Lucien Jean-Baptiste, director, screenwriter and leading actor in one, has turned to an absolutely worth seeing winter comedy, although in some overwrought scenes of humor, but everything was packed in all, here is a socio-politically explosive issue in a funny story, perhaps more to stimulate reflection, as it would have made a profound drama. Above all, the figure of Bonne Maman is ideal for continuous laughter, for Firmine Richard is an incredible actress who achieved great things just by her facial expressions. Her disapproving Schnalzgeräusche the chaotic actions of her son, which will be pursued as a running gag through the film, take more help to enable the funny bone of the audience constantly in motion. This is the amusing story of Elizabeth’s very autobiographical, because Lucien Jean-Baptiste, whose roots lie in Martinique, spent his youth in a similar ski. Whether at the time but just as humorous expired, may be doubted.

Meet the Elizabeth! won the Audience Prize and Jury Prize at the Festival of the comic film, Alpe d’Huez and the Audience Award at Filmfest Hamburg 2009.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Meet the Elizabeth! Original Title: La première étoile Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: ( #) 90 (Min) of material: Kool Film Distribution

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