Max Manus

Max Manus

Max Manus

               Genre: Drama, Biography, War Film
               Norway, World War II, resistance, occupation, sabotage

heroes of the resistance – pleasant human

  65 years ago, that the Second World War ended. This is almost a normal life. Perhaps it is precisely because in their last years in almost conspicuously movies in the cinemas that deal in various ways with the historic events of that time. The recall of fascism and oppression, and those people who have made the resistance – whether in Germany (Sophie Scholl -) The last few days, or in other countries worried (for the Netherlands this is Paul Verhoeven Black Book / Zwartboek, in Denmark, Ole Christian Madsen with a day of wrath / flame & lemon). The Norwegian film Max Manus, in his home became the most successful film of the last 35 years and more than 1.2 million viewers reached (with a population of almost 5 million), considers now a Norwegian hero of the resistance and joins seamlessly to In the series of cinematic history reappraised one, want to keep the memory.

Although Norway has agreed at the beginning of World War II as being neutral, the country due to its strategic location and its raw material resources, 9 Attacked April of 1940 by the German army and occupied. The young Max Manus (Aksel Hennie) and his comrades, however, will not and can not come to terms with the crew. Together with allies across the country, they form small resistance groups who want to shake up the shocked people and sabotage the German war machine. At first it appears to be still an innocent and almost naive-sounding game with the Germans, but the resistance fighters, it soon becomes clear that this is about life and death. From flyers and posters printed secretly quickly tangible plans for bombings and sabotage. Add And the more Max Manus and his friends the Germans, the more perilous the situation for the resistance fighters. Max finally has to flee to Scotland, where he trained in various sabotage techniques, and then summoned to his home. There, the Gestapo officer Fehmer (Ken Duken) the trace of the fugitives quickly resumed, and succeed the convinced Nazi, pull steadily more of Max’s comrades from the market. Only Max always miraculously escaped again – thanks to the help of tikken (Agnes Kittelsen), coordinated by the Stockholm from the resistance.

Are extravagantly staged and accompanied by several very well done CGI effects, is Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg Max Manus one is conventionally narrated, but has become more exciting historical thriller that does not need to hide from larger productions. Thanks to an excellent cast – led by Aksel Hennie – convinced the drama through the successful balance between action sequences and the quieter passages that the conflict between duty and feelings of guilt because of the many victims and their own responsibility to trace a sensitive way and make it understandable.

The acclaimed real Max Manus, who is now 91 years old and the Norwegian at the premiere of the film was present, so will not result in a larger than life heroic figure, but a man of flesh and blood, all the opposition and Despite inconsistencies stands up for his beliefs. Manus is good so much more a model than any of the blameless hero of countless Action strips, without batting an eyelash, walk over dead bodies. Because Max Manus beside his message above all, a very straight forward narrated film with enormous potential for identification and a lot of tension, it hardly surprising success in Norway.

In this country, even if it seems impossible to follow up even close to the box-office success at home – is worth seeing this film forever. Because it reminds us of the virtues that distinguish true heroes – courage, of course, but also doubt and the ability to reflect their own actions, to show compassion and to advocate their own beliefs. In a society like ours, and times like the present one should be frequently reminded that properties like these never go out of fashion.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Max Manus Country of production: Germany, Denmark, Norway Year of production: 2008 Length: 118 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Capelight Pictures

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