Mary & Max

Mary & Max

Mary & Max – or sheep shrink when it rains?

               Genre: Animated
               Berlinale 2009, Australia, New York, Correspondence

Plasticine makes you sad, happy, full of life: Here is the proof.

  Mary Daisy Dinkle lives in a small town in Australia, her mother is alcoholic, her father cuts on the assembly line the small fabric bands on tea bags, in his spare time he plugs in the garden of dead birds. In New York Max Jerry Horowitz is often confused by the emotional outbursts and claims of his fellow man (“People often confuse me”), he usually responds with increased chocolate consumption. It is little wonder that he, too, like Mary, has no real friends.

The year is 1976, and that the little girl from Mount Waverley and the obese man ever come in contact with each other, borders on a miracle or arises from a narrative trick, which reflects the quirky, dreamy mood of Mary & Max: always a slight angle to reality, always oversubscribed.

Mary writes, simply a letter to Max, because no one has, they can ask all your questions: So you are operating a name almost at random from the phone at the post office, and asks: Where are the babies in America what they can do about the teasing to which it is exposed in school. As Max, although of simple mind and spirit, is also but a focused, intelligent and thorough person, he proves to be the lonely Mary as the perfect correspondent.

Mary & Max appears at first glance like an amusing story – which is certainly first and foremost it is that it is an animated film, which was completely modeled in clay, in the tradition of Aardman Studios, or about the great Coraline by Henry Selick; particular and specific Mary & Max is a further development, in theme, tone and form, by Adam Elliot with an Oscar winning animated short film Harvie Krumpet.

Also it was Elliot’s mentioned in the title protagonists already happened diseases and bizarre accidents, dead is a lot, and the end, as hopeless It may seem even, but full to bursting with love of life. Something like (from the end was nevertheless reveal anything yet), but more subtle one finds the party in Mary & Max, which hides his impossible story of incredible friendship in the guise of a jet-black comedy, but above all a will: The Diversity of Life , especially in those corners, escape in which deviant thoughts tentacle human brains seem.

Elliot directed not only about his protagonists, but also a series of eccentric minor characters, and always sad-looking animals. Above all, he manages both to maintain distance and to touch most painfully, by setting up various Narrationsinstanzen same time.

The first is a classically omniscient narrator (originally by Barry Humphries said), which is in effect for responsible, the action in the first place in their contexts to produce, and often it even seems as if the images are more decorative. However, a question straight from the interplay of images and text – sparingly, but highly effective support through music and thwarted – that ironic, laconic and flat at the same time closely related to the figures tone within which to comment on film and word constantly each other.

The voices of Max (voiced by Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Mary (by a vote of Bethany Whitmore and Toni Collette), we have only ever heard when they speak out the letters. This is all the more irritating because there is almost no direct interaction between two characters through spoken words – Dialogues knows Mary & Max is not practical. The film portrayed as on the formal level, which motivates both his protagonists and can seek each other: in their two worlds is a direct, emotional support the exception, not the rule.

The same attention to the filmmaker story and related narrative is also found in the design of the sets again: Loving little details are there again and again to find no trace of overload indeed. The various locations are in color on fundamentals clearly distinguished from each other, and splashes of color are like cries for and of life in these brown and gray world hineingesetzt.

, Adam Elliot has succeeded Mary & Max is a surprising little masterpiece, which once again proves what the like as children’s entertainment smiled animation cinema is off effect of storm really capable of. For if the narrator’s voice reported that Mary and Max have to give each other a lot – “each nourished the other” – then one has forgotten that since only write plasticine each other letters, and before you know it, it will be dragged in moments of great sadness and quiet happiness.

(Rochus Wolff)

Title: Mary & Max – or shrinking sheep if it rains? Original Title: Mary & Max Country of production: Australia Production year: ( #) 2009 Length: 92 (Min.) Distribution: MFA + Film Distribution

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