Maria Full of Grace – Maria Full of Grace

Maria Full of Grace - Maria Full of Grace

Maria Full of Grace – Maria Full of Grace

  What appears at first glance at the title as a religious devotional drama, is in reality nothing more than a modern Passion narrative, from which we read again and again, almost in passing in the newspaper: “drug mule from Colombia, with Kokspäckchen taken in the belly”. Although the director Joshua Marston emphasized that the exact case is not of his film is authentic, and yet he is the condensed history of such a female drug courier, as they could play a hundred times every week somewhere in the world.

In the center of interest is the 17 year old Maria (Catalina Sandino Moreno) who toils at a rose plantation and must give all the money her family. When she by her boyfriend Juan (Wilson Guerrero), who does not love, becomes pregnant, her life is in the country in oppressive poverty is too narrow and small, and she wants to just get away. After a dispute with one of the stern guards, it announces its place, stands on the street and has no idea how to proceed now. Since it is fortunate that she meets the charming and eloquent Franklin (Jhon Alex Toro) who takes them on a motorcycle with her concerns to Bogotá and a job. Easy money, as he never tires of claim, together with travel and also lucrative. Mary does not make itself too much thought, for it is offering the chance to date her little gratifying to give life a decisive turn. And so she agrees.

She quickly makes friends with Lucy (Guilied Lopez), the only two drug runner tours behind him and which therefore can afford a big house. Seriously, put the two women and two more couriers on the supposed trip to happiness before, and the threat posed by her new job is significantly more casually. At one of their encounters with the boss about the company stated its dealer Javier (Jaime Osorio Gómez), an older, almost fatherly-looking gentleman, what happens if the packets do not reach their destination – a little conversation with Maria’s family, the result would be. As this conversation will be more that one can imagine only too easily. In an extremely painful procedure Maria swallows the 62 cocaine parcels, although they must always expect that a burst packet is enough to bring her to certain death. In general, it is one of the many undoubted qualities of the movie that always delivers a great deal unsaid the cinematic space, nor that it should therefore be implemented in pictures. Maria Full of Grace next to a huge vortex also generates images in my head that make you not going so fast.

Indicates what at first, finally come true during the journey, for indeed everything goes wrong, what is previously only imagined: One of the girls gets caught when entering the United States, Lucy is increasingly bad, because apparently one of the packet is leaking and it is progressively poisoned and the men who are taking the couriers received, mercilessly with the inexperienced and naive women. Maria decides to seek safety in flight forward, rarely alone in a foreign country …

, a young actress is so confident in one of her first roles as Catalina Sandino Moreno, who due to exceptional performance Maria full of grace in the silvery Bear at the Berlinale 2004 (together with Charlize Theron for her role in Monster). Another reward for the bravura performance was the Oscar nomination this year for Moreno as best actress. And almost by the way, the film also won the Audience Award at Sundance 2004th A number of top-class distinctions, therefore, all of which are earned. But it’s not just the incredible presence of the protagonist, which makes this film a real gem, the subtleties of the script and the unobtrusive, yet under the skin reaching Directed by Joshua Marston to do their part to do so.

Title: Maria Full of Grace – Maria Full of Grace Country of production: United States, Colombia Year of production: 2003 Length: 101 ( min) of material: Universum Film / Central

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