Mao’s Last Dancer

Maos Last Dancer

           Mao’s Last Dancer
               Genre: Drama, Biography
               China, dancer, ballet, defectors, Cultural Revolution
    Bruce Beresford’s film is based on the autobiography of Chinese ballet dancer Li Cunxin. Cunxin grew at the time of Mao’s Cultural Revolution promoted in the poorest conditions in a Chinese village. His life changes abruptly when he was selected in the age of 11 to study dance in Beijing. In the early 1970s is Cunxin as an exchange student in the U.S. and marries the dancer Elizabeth Mackey, not to return to China.   Title: Mao’s Last Dancer Original Title: Mao’s Last Dancer Country of production: Australia Production year: 2009 Length: (# ) 117 (Min.) Distribution: Capelight / Central

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