Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Retired butcher, motorcycle, Berlinale 2010, Slaughterhouse

The Unruhestand of Pilardosse Serge

  At least from her hair, it can Gérard Depardieu absolutely mammoth in touch with Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Hardly the brawny butcher Serge Pilardosse strips off his guard, long bleached hair falling to his shoulders, which seem to come as the whole man from another time. Just as his heavy machine, an exotic-sounding bike today, a mammoth Munch 4 TTS 1200, was installed in a genuine car engine. Serge is also similar to its cinematic kin, the wrestler from Darren Aronsofskys film of the same – both are mercilessly imprisoned and retro at a time from which there is no escape. And both are actually reached the end of their “career”. While Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, but do not know when it’s time to stop the work that is Serge’s career at the beginning of mammoth visible at the end. With sixty years now for it concludes with a rather unkind farewell party, he is transported from the slaughterhouse and in addition, the (obviously well-deserved) retirement into it. What makes the wife of the great big not just for excitement – the prospect of their Serge lurking from now on every day in his own home to have it is obviously less pleasant.

What a blessing that the ex – butcher for his rent quite a few missing certificates from previous employers. And so swings Serge on his machine and do go on the hunt for the missing papers. What at first sounds brittle, during the course of the journey as enjoyable as a bizarre odyssey through the past gigs experienced trauma and who encounter the Knight of the massive figure again and again without warning.

Ironically, the last film of this year rather mediocre Berlinale competition but then compensated for some of frustrated hopes and lots of movies with which we wanted to not be quite warm. Right at the start of the new film by Benoît and Gustave de Delépine Kervern (Louise hires a contract killer) is clear that this conventional narrative forms are neatly brushed against the grain. In addition, the 16mm grobkrönigen and blurry shots of a motorcycle ride to come (presumably) on the title presentive machine that materialize during the course of the sequence by their texture and the vibrations from the abstract into concrete forms and contexts – an aesthetic device which certainly also in the ductus narrative of the film finds its counterpart.

You never know exactly what is next. Even if one has seen through this principle of permanent surprise, once we succeed Delépine Benoît and Gustave de Kervern yet, from one scene to another, as well as remember kreiern-memorable phrases to astonish and amaze. For example, flows like meeting an old friend does not invest in a neat chat or a beer at the old days, but in a bizarre bed scene in which to try the two old men, each other in each other’s hand – which of course fails. Equally amusing is how irritating another remarkable scene that takes place during a dinner in a restaurant with typical and other representatives of a Salesman: Regardless of the external effect and the many eavesdroppers here sobbing man constantly on his cell phone and assures his beloved daughter, as much he missed. It quickly becomes clear that this man as the father is a complete zero and has hopelessly failed educationally already at the young age of his child.

With episodes like these oddball characters and thrilling mammoth holds a remarkable balance between melancholy, absurdity and grim humor that makes fun and we have seen in such a brilliant combination did not last much longer. A little gem, and few dare to win almost everything. So much courage, originality and style will look at this year’s Berlinale was certainly rare. Not only because you have to hope that a German lender to accept this film. While mammoth should be granted because of his dirty looks and his story not too obstinate audience in Germany – an avowed fan base is expected to earn this wonderfully quirky film, but well.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: mammoth Country of production: France Year of production: 2010 Length: 90 (Min)

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