Lost Town

Lost Town

Lost Town

               Genre: Documentary

An idea waiting to be implemented

  For the two young German architects Anne Niemann and Johannes Ingrisch could not launch the careers better, because right after her studies, she won an international design competition. However, they have not reckoned with the idiosyncratic residents of the east coast of England, where should their architectural monument will be erected as a landmark against coastal erosion. Jörg Adolph accompanied the two over five years with her seemingly hopeless struggle.

A dream come true: More than 200 competitors Pierce Anne Niemann and Johannes Ingrisch 2004 in a contest of Landmark East, which the East of was England Development Agency (EEDA announced). The favored and especially of coastal erosion threatened area should be a landmark set to recall vanished places. Ascetic simple, yet impressive young architects to design the church from a stylized reflective steel tubes, so that, depending on sunlight and position of the viewer, the landmark is perceived quite differently. The unusual idea of the two is, inter alia, that they want to build their cathedral at the exact spot where the medieval church was. Because of coastal erosion means that, in the sea. Full of enthusiasm to break Anne and John, to present their project to coastal residents, for the profit of the competition means only that they get from the EEDA funded a feasibility study. Must now be obtained the right place, the consent of the residents and not least the funds for the implementation of the project. But the coastal residents, the architects see as foreign invaders, which interfere with the construction of the Cathedral of the local peace and order. Thus, their plan is rejected in the town of Dunwich devastating. The disappointment is written to the two Germans in the face, but they do not give up. Walton-on-the-Naze is her next try, a community to make their project palatable. But even there they meet with disapproval, although here also show supporters, who hope for an economic and tourism success of the landmark. Similar to the “Angel of the North”, which attracts tourists in droves in Gateshead. After the two have finally found a tailor-made financing model in CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment), but there is again a refusal. The staggering thing is that precisely the EEDA is, however, since the government cut its budget drastically. Despite all the two and five years to following the idea of competition is not diverted from their idea, just waiting to be implemented.

The long-term study by Jörg Adolph shows that a won competition is far from the desired climb into the top league architecture brings with it, and that world-famous architects such as Jeanne-Claude and Christo have struggled with similar difficulties. One more reason for the two Munich, the fight for their project and hope not to give up. Jörg Adolph also shows that the largest idealism can fail in such everyday problems such as economic survival and family formation. Lost Town is more than the insight into the architects life, because it shows the enthusiasm of young professionals, the bold idea of two creative minds and the obstinate, if not defiant effort to bring about something very big. And last but not least, he shows a quirky British coastal people, who sometimes seems to live at the last century and innovations is critical per se set. In him will eventually Anne Niemann and Johannes Ingrisch hard nut teeth, even to the saving, which is inferior to the EEDA, and it is true at the end of the movie a little sad when the two German architects while watching as their model passed the shredder. But we know even the hope dies last, and who knows, maybe there is indeed still a financier, the project helps the millions to be reality.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Lost Town Country of production: , Germany Year of production: 2004 – 2009 track: 90 (Min.) Distribution : Caligari Film

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