Lilly the Witch – The Dragon and the Magic Book

Lilly the Witch - The Dragon and the Magic Book
               Genre: Children’s Film
  Little witches and wizards, fairies and other creatures with supernatural powers enjoyed in the nursery is still extremely popular – the success of the JK Rowling books and films have reinforced the trend even more. In addition to the adventures of Harry Potter enjoy – especially among girls – including the stories of Ludger Jochmann aka big crackle around the little witch Lila popularity. The Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky, who has made so far mainly by the anatomy of two movies with Franka Potente and by
The Counterfeiters a name in the film world, now, the first screen adaptation from a book in the series.

Lilli (Alina friend) is actually a normal girl – until one day she found beside her bed a real spell book and the always hungry dragon Hector (voiced by Michael Mittermeier Meier). He is looking for a new witch, as has his former mistress, the witch Surulunda (Pilar Bardem), the perpetual attacks of the common tricks and magician Jerome (Ingo Naujocks) sick and tired and wants to finally put to rest. Hector is making its magic with the book, it has to Jerome it apart in search of a new witch and ends up in the course of his odyssey calculated in room of Lila. When the girl discovers a magical book and mutters spells before him, only gradually dawns on her that this is no longer a game, but seriously. For to be a witch is not hard to be a witch, however, very much. For Jerome, nothing can be undone in order to gain possession of property Surulundas …


Title: Lilly the Witch – The Dragon and the Magic Book Country of production: Germany, Italy, Austria Year of production: 2009 Length: 89 (Min) of material: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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