Light tastes like

Light tastes like

As Light tastes

  Luke (Leo Zirner) is fourteen years old and wants to finally get out from home. On his birthday, he runs off and goes to Munich, where he wants to feel at last, as it is, if we all decide on their own. In the big city is, however quickly the frustration, because in his mind it was all a bit easier and less complicated with the ownership. Luke orders the impressions in his head, commenting on the chaos and conflicting impressions of the trip and tries to make sense of, but that’s not so simple. But then the boy who met three years earlier Sonja (Anya Deubel). The girl is indeed blind, but with her Luke learns that you do not need eyes to see. Through her encounter with Luke recognizes that many things we can see, only the superficial appearance of a deeper level and meaning, he begins, thanks to Sonja behind the scenes look at the life and suddenly discover a meaning in everything – even in its own life.

has rarely been in a movie Munich as brightly shining in recent years, such as in southern, brilliant light dipped in Maurus Scheidt’s adaptation of a youth novel by Friedrich Ani. With gentle nuances and small observations, it is possible the director, the extremely ambitious in content from almost anise-like book philosophically congenial to take pictures and to encourage such thinking. Particularly for young people in the difficult period of puberty provides suggestions on how light taste, which show how much a change of perspective makes objects suddenly appear in a different light and how beneficial it can be to get eye-opener – even if, or because it a blind person is to accomplish this small miracle.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: As Light tastes Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 88 (Min) of material: Movienet Film Distribution

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