Genre: Drama, Music Film
  When sung in a movie, then it tends to be cheerful, musicaltaugliche history. Not so in love song by Anne Høegh Krohn. The director tells of a serious, incurable disease with a steadily progressive course: Parkinson’s disease. Does a great love was such a threat? That is the question with which to confront the singing actress Nicolette Krebitz (Bandits) and schauspielernde singer Jan Plewka (Blessed by the band) in the specially-written songs for this film.

Dinah and Roger are a couple , as can be found only on the screen. For nine years, they live together and love each other as on the first day. They have two children, a non-paid semi-detached and dancing as a hobby. Happiness could turn ever so forth, if there were not Roger’s hands, the tremor is eventually no longer be concealed.

The film takes quite seriously about the disease. The suffering has been seriously researched. And it is one of the most touching scenes are when we Roger agonizingly long freezes on the roadside to see, totally helpless, capable of any movement. Not only the well-known tremor is one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Much more serious is shown in the film rigidity, the regular freezing of the body to cope with the Roger’s wife Dinah and children extremely difficult.

Just as serious as the disease takes the film the entertaining element of the song and dance routines. They’re filmed in part, such as music clips (albeit in a moderate cutting frequency): for himself standing units that are aesthetically distinguished from the rest of the film sharply through their artificial nature. Since the bodies flying through the blue sky, as steppt Roger on stage as if Fred Astaire rose again. In the largely self-composed and written songs have Nicolette Krebitz and Jan Plewka felt laid over backward. The two harmonize well and give their fans plenty of eye and ear.

The hard part is just taking that sugary scenes with the tragic history together. Obviously, the idea was patent that everything is easier with music goes. Somehow we have to because of, seems to think the pair, so an end to the sadness and preferred times hummed a few bars, but also lines like “just you and me” or “when breaking the world, I love you” to the best – mood-end, seem to be sacred.

Of course, the vocal numbers to keep the film in a balance, so the whole thing does not get too sad. But this balance is the discordant, the scales simply do not fit together. The specific bonds contribute to the Bollywood cinema as a denial – as if we eliminate that one had previously watched two seconds, or to the suicide attempt. And if you have just begun to enjoy a duet of the stars, the film makes prompt a guilty conscience: how to enjoy themselves just as if the hero is so dirty? As one longs Pure Genre: when even musicals, then right.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: love song Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 91 (Min) of material: (# ) Zorro Film Distribution

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