Let `s be surprising

Let `s be surprising
               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
  Rio Reiser and no end. Even more than ten years after the death of the singer enjoys the One Ton, the man who once ironically proclaimed “King of Germany,” in his generation, a reputation as a cult star. He is perhaps the only true icon of the left-anarchist alternative culture from the wild seventies. Perhaps it is indeed fact – or at the rock stars of the personal encounter with the filmmaker a few years ago in a shared apartment – that with Let `s miracle now to be the third film is already over, Paul Stefan Rio Reiser (by King of Germany, and Jan Plewka singt Rio Reiser) follows.

“In search of the myth Rio Reiser” is the subtitle of this new film about the front man of the fragments. In addition to the Green politician Claudia Roth, who was once manager of the pieces for some time to come Udo Lindenberg and Corny Littmann (former writer for the shards, president of FC St. Pauli and head of the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg) to speak Cohn -Bendit, Achim Reichel, Stefan Kunze, Klaus Meine of the Scorpions spent, and even a former neighbor from Rodgau, where Ralph Christian Möbuis (so the middle name of Reiser’s) part of his youth. In addition, the film feels the composer and guitarist of the shards RPS Lanrue on who has retired to Portugal and was effective as his alter ego Rio Reiser.

There is Stefan Paul’s insistence that leaves no doubt that to him the memory of the former “King of Germany” is a labor of love. For fans of the fragments, this is certainly good news. Anyway, this is a film primarily for the insiders who know the band’s history and the life contexts Reiser and the other “fragments” from the inside out. For, again, it leaves open the film, at what point in history we are now is some confusion in the chronology and spun upside down, because this or that statement hinpasst better elsewhere.

Whether it will succeed in this documentation, however, realize the undeniable charisma of Reiser’s also younger viewers is rather questionable. Perhaps this is also not the goal of Let `s be a miracle but it is rather to keep alive the memory of the wild years of the Federal Republic. Times have changed enormously since then. Perhaps we ought to see this film less as a single work, as the final element of a trilogy, is the first as a triptych of the true, the entire Rio Reiser will be felt. And perhaps there lies the secret of charisma is just: that is banned in hindsight, and those magic on celluloid rest can never capture that can be of a great special, extraordinary person to be.

Let’s make one thing `s Miracle be clear: As long as people are still thinking of a loved one, this is not yet dead, if that sentence is true, then Rio Reiser lingers still among us. And it was only for a half hour on the canvas.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Let `s be miracles Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Arsenal Film Distribution

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