Leningrad – the man who sings

Leningrad - the man who sings

Leningrad – The man who sings

               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
               Russia, punk, band

The fury of the proletarians

  “Badness is good,” yells the singer in Russian into the microphone. The man seems to know, to do what his texts. Usually drunk, unkempt and slovenly, he swears on anything that smells of anything remotely like work. Nevertheless, he is one of the most successful underground musicians of modern Russia. Sergei “Shnur” Shnurov, head of the punk rock band “Leningrad” is a phenomenon. Director Peter Rippl can be fascinated by him, in a powerful documentary. The film is like its subject: energetic, wild and rough.

The band “Leningrad, not” confuse (with the “Leningrad Cowboys”) is perhaps the craziest thing the Russian underground in the first decade of the new millennium had to offer. With its gutter language, she amazed junkies like intellectuals, outsiders like the nouveaux riches. Because of the many swear words in their texts, however, it was rarely played on the radio. The mayor of Moscow issued the 15 musicians in 2003, even banned from performing in the capital, because their lyrics would offend the public. In the West, “Leningrad,” notably by “Russian Disco” events and CD’s are known to the writer Wladimir Kaminer.

Rippl documentarian Peter learned the volatile mix of ska, Russian folklore and brass sections randomly about in 2002. He later visited one of the few gigs the band in Germany, and convinced “Shnur” by the idea of a film about the musicians and their view of Russia today to make. In 2006, the film crew accompanied the band for two months at concerts in London and Russia.

It is the curious attitude that makes the ripple documentation so alive. The director can be swept up by the hunger for life, the herausbrüllt Shnur in his charismatic stage performance. Although he also asks about the backgrounds, which made the band so successful. But he has never before to have found definitive answers.

Over long distances is Leningrad – The man who sings a song so movie that thrives on a vibrant Drive, the brass section as well as by the melancholy of “Unplugged” , presence, explores in which the singer with the raspy voice of the melancholy Russian soul. Despite the diverse musical influences and the ability to change their sound to be the guys around “Shnur” no smooth professionals. But to put an authentic proletarian, the unfiltered their pain and pleasure in sound. “There is nothing more interesting than the little guy” is the credo of the anarchist combo. It gives a life of emotional expression that reflects the contradictions of turbo-capitalism as well as a more grounded mood, which is understood much better than elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Why, “Leningrad “was the right time at right place, the film explored in interviews with actors and observers, who are often rich cut association between the passages of a song.

And yet, the enigma remains. frontman” Shnur “is such a colorful personality that one never knows whether he is serious about what he says or not. Even while the film was cut, proposed in 2008 the news like a bomb, that the founder has dissolved the band. Shnur, it was said It would go with a new band called “Rubl” other musical paths. One rumor has it that “I Shnur” the secret film project associated with the departure of his old band, so to speak, as a monument to celluloid. Whether in the matter with the monument is some truth is known only to the singer himself capable, he would have in his opaque, self-deprecating way forever.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Leningrad – The man who sings Country of production: Germany, Russia Year of production: 2008 – 2009 Length: 82 ( min) of material: Real Fiction

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