Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree
               Genre: Drama
  For decades, is already the lemon grove owned by the family Zidane in the West Bank, and after the death of her husband, he assures the widow Salma (Hiam Abbas), a modest income. But when referring to the Israeli Defense Minister (Doron Tavory) and his wife Mira (Rona Lipaz-Michael) in close proximity to its new home, the trees are the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, a thorn in the eye – after all, could hide behind the trees, and Palestinian terrorists threaten the life of a politician. Salma but rejected the compensation offered payment and insisted on keeping the grove. When the trees are to be taken away from her, takes the valiant widow’s lawyer Ziad Daud (Ali Suliman), and finally goes up against the Israeli Supreme Court. She finally gets even support from the wife of the minister, and falls in love with their smart lawyer. But justice does not experience it, the struggle against the claims of politicians and therefore against Israel’s security interests – however absurd they may be – is proving unequal struggle could lose the only …
It is not the first time that Eran Riklis on his personal and private way surprising to the Middle East conflict and its consequences for the “little people” set apart. Whereas in The Syrian Bride, the Golan Heights, the story of Lemon Tree is also in Israeli-occupied West Bank is located. Here, as there is interested in Riklis especially for the consequences, which has hardened the conflict for the women. They are those people, of which – if any – the hope can go out on a long overdue reconciliation. And this reconciliation is within reach, were it not for the men on both sides, aggravate the conflict, which are not prepared to small must be accompanied.

Significantly, some of Eran Riklis is always abundantly clear metaphor for the quandary that exist primarily in images of confinement, the walls, boundaries and grids. All the actors in this film are the prisoners: you subjecting the stalled situation, are unable to communicate, hear time and again on advice from outside, instead of following her heart and settle the conflict in a human way.

Behind it all clear is undoubtedly good intentions feel, but sometimes the story and with it the logic in the effort: Why is the Israeli minister in all things, a home seems to build in such a security risk to have as much in this film suffers plenty überkonstruiert. Also suitable is the little love story between Salma and her lawyer, after all, is not at least destined to a happy ending. All this leaves a bitter aftertaste, and in spite of a Beautiful camera work, a brilliant Hiam Abbas and an appealing idea knows Lemon Tree never convince entirely. It may be that the claims by Eran Riklis surprise success of The Syrian Bride at the new film has been enormous in relation to its predecessor, Lemon Tree is a small disappointment, it also can change the audience award of the Berlinale 2008 Panorama series no.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Lemon Tree Country of production: Germany, France, Israel Year of production: 2008 Length: 106 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Arsenal Film Distribution

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