Le refuge

Le refuge

Le refuge

               Genre: Drama
               Homosexuality, pregnancy, drug addiction

The double birth

  Francois Ozon has always been a specialist in unusual relationship: the tension between the characters, the unexpected release of energy. In his penultimate film Ricky – miracles happen, perhaps not so clearly came to light. But now he is with Le Refuge again quite at the height of his art. A self-discovery in a gorgeous sun-drenched sea mood.

Tells the story of ozone mousse and Paul, a couple who really can not come together, but in the seclusion of a generous vacation property is very close. Mousse is a heroin addict and has precisely Louis, is also dependent on their lover, lost by a shot adulterated. She herself barely survived in the hospital and learns that Louis ‘child in the abdomen bears.

Paul is Louis’ gay brother. Actually, he had no good relationship to the deceased. And actually, Louis’ family of mousse want to know anything. Nevertheless, Paul suddenly appears in the cottage, had retreated into the mousse, to reorder their lives. It begins a chamber play a symphony of emotions and joy of life.

Ozone has created his latest film musical, with leitmotifs, circling repetitions and subtle improvements. Over a melancholy tone, he is cheerful and relaxed melodies. And he celebrates a theme that he had already posted in Ricky: the miracle of birth, the slow maturation of the unborn, the magic of a fat belly. Again and again mousse meets total strangers who worship the pregnant woman as a goddess. Certainly the scale are humorous scenes. But behind the ironic distance ozone can be intimated a concern that the gay film-makers should also be personal: the desire of homosexuals to a baby.

What is happening there but between mousse and Paul is at first no sweet love story . It is rather the story of two related human soul that can never meet. Two planets, whose orbits touch for a short time. And get to pause for a moment, shared air, because they do not know how in their lives. It may be that when two lost and lonely struggle with each other. But far from all the ozone-related tragedy in an anti-depressive, freudentrunkenen tone. He relies entirely on the two individuals and their relationship caused by the fact that Paul is to know a man and brings him into the house.

There is a double birth, which characterizes the film. The slow growth of the abdomen is associated with new lifestyles, so to speak, mature yet encapsulated. That does not come off without any pain, but in this film, a surprisingly relaxed and somewhat refreshing process. It almost seems as if it also returned the filmmaker Francois Ozon a piece to him. Away from the genre-bonds towards a story that is wholly explained by the dynamics of the characters. And to create the incomparable sophistication of the director, the force fields so that they constantly come up with new twists.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Le refuge Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 88 (Min) of material: ( #) Arsenal Film Distribution

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