Law of Desire

Law of Desire

The Law of Desire

  Pablo (Eusebio Poncela) is a successful film director and madly in love with the young and beautiful Juan (Miguel Molina) – but the love remains unrequited. Frustrated trying to distract Pablo, drugs, parties and other men are to heal the pain, also letters to Juan Pablo writes in order to continue in the illusion of weight, the relationship is intact and fulfilling – but Pablo never sends the letters off. But then he meets Antonio (Antonio Banderas), who urges him to his life and wants to have Pablo all to himself. When Antonio is an alleged letter to Juan Pablo, Pablo, he uses a trip to visit Juan and to kill him. Pablo suspects quickly, who could be behind the murder, but Antonio now holds captive Tina (Carmen Maura), Pablo’s sister hostage. And she too a victim of her passions, she also harbors a terrible secret in itself …

Although Law of Desire / La Ley del Deseo Pedro Almodóvar’s been six movies was, he managed to break only after this work. Colorful, full of extremes, overflowing emotions take Law of Desire / La Ley del Deseo anticipate a lot of points, which run like a thread through Almodóvar’s film career: In addition to the preference of male homosexuals and transsexuals in mainly the questions of morality, sexual freedom and the limits of individuality and identity, mixed with a penchant for kitsch, the enfant terrible of Spanish make the unique and distinctive. Anyone who likes Almodovar will love this early film by the master. Besides Carmen Maura, a muse of the director is also the Hollywood star Antonio Banderas see in one of his early roles.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Law of Desire Original Title: La Ley del Deseo – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Spain Year of production: 1986 Length: 97 (Min)

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