Lauf der Dinge

Lauf der Dinge

Course of events

  Ibiza – this is for many, especially young people at the same sum and dream of a free, careless, and above all, enjoyable life on the sunny side. Year streams in droves by year adventure-tourists to the Balearic island of seeming paradise, where is now one in five residents of foreign origin. Get off the temptation to dwell not only for the short period of a holiday on the island of the rich and famous “, but from the seemingly dreary daily routine and settle permanently in Ibiza, not infrequently affects mostly supporters of the fun generation, but often should earnestly learn that the entry cost in this paradise, and in no way is effortless.

The feature film debut Lauf der Dinge / Paradizer by Rolf S. Wolkenstein, who are made for the storyboard with responsibility must be equally concerned euphoric with holidaymakers as defiant outs that follow the promising Ibiza’s reputation as a venue for beach-hot as well as nightlife. Selva relies on a largely mundane-looking docu-soap format, which has already flooded the television screens of the nation and is still hardly likely to capture the audience, so that almost makes the question of bringing the movie viewer for even during the movie could pass the time. Do

During Florian (Archilles Sebastian) and his friend Daniel (Tom Lass) holiday in Ibiza to it mainly in terms of pretty girls for once the party pumping properly, is the spoiled Eliza (Zoe Weiland more) forced on the run from family disagreements and to get through without pecuniary resources, after her father turning off the tap for the island adventure. The young woman teams up with the calculated Richie (Manuel Cortez), which despite having big plans, but basically more rough than strikes through, it is inevitable that the disappointment. Florian however, makes the surprising discovery that it attracts more of the same sex than the other, and Daniel has to recognize that the mutation is a sexual athlete under a sunny sky in no way automatically.

With sentimental dreams, nightmares, timid and hard realities of beachgoers and those stranded on the course waiting for things / Paradizer, with the mini DV format camera with the remaining superficial plot and characters but harmonize their little deeper, however, possibly convince them to know that possibly an evening of holiday videos, but is not the medium of film suitable for such forms.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: course of events Original Title: Paradize Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 95 (min) of material: Pictorion Pictures / Barnsteiner

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