Last Days – TV-Tip of the Week

Last Days - TV-Tip of the Week

Last Days – TV-Tip of the Week

  A man stumbles, like a spirit from the infinitely-looking forests of Oregon. He stumbles, mostly the hair tangled in the face before him, mumbling something incomprehensible, is on a journey whose destination known only to him. On an idyllic waterfall, the rock star takes a bath and eventually returns – hard to say how much time has passed since then – in his home, a neglected house back. There his bandmates live with him, but Blake is different from them, doing everything for invisible. And when his manager comes to visit, to persuade the band once again a world tour to Blake escapes into the woods. For Blake, the lead singer and creative head of a famous band is already in another world – that of death …

Already at first glance it is clear allusion to whom Gus van Sant’s new film The Last Days: The facial expressions, the clothes, the external circumstances and the overall appearance of Blakes are an homage to Kurt Cobain, the mastermind of the grunge band Nirvana, is under similar circumstances as the death of Blake in Last Days. But the film is not a pure repetition of the facts, not true homage to one of the most important rock musicians of the nineties, but a free interpretation, which only takes the real events as a model for about an improvisation on states of consciousness and the mind of a ruined man . design As noted in Gus van Sant’s Elephant Last Days prevails even in those irritating mix of proximity to real events and alienation, which raises more questions than answers and are thus beyond the usual patterns of interpretation. So erratic and wayward in his attitude and storytelling Last Days is properly polarize the viewers’ attitudes, it can be assumed. Who can get involved with that for a little over one and a half hours to the disturbed mind of a person to attend on the thin line between madness and reality, life and death, for whom this movie may be in its effect a shock-cinema experience. However, those that prefer rather more conventional biopics is disenchanted with the film only a little – especially if he (or she) does not not appear in a special way with the music of Nirvana (whose songs in Last Days) feel connected.
(# ) oppressive silence, confused noises, loose ends and gaps of the story, endless trips through hostile-looking forests and details of a life that has long been devoted to the death, are the ingredients in a film that will bore some viewers with certainty, but in Never-before-seen way, bears witness to the psychological depths of a man – is the presumption – a metaphor for the alienation in this world. At the end of the redemption and ascension is the anti-hero, and there is nothing left than to hope that Blake, wherever he may be, the peace and clarity has been found after he missed obvious.
( #) (Joachim Kurz)


Last Days – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: USA Year of production: 2005 Length: 97 (minutes)

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