La horde

La horde

La horde

               Genre: Horror
               Paris, Zombie, Police

in close combat with the undead

  With kickboxing against zombies – why should not really be Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher have thought when they planned their film La horde. This will eventually Horrorsubgenre rarely shied away from violence against undead, and slightly greasy products in the segment outdo each other in areas like spectacle disgusting and body segmentation.

In most cases this means of course that the (still) human protagonists are also not the end of the film to achieve “one piece” – body horror , body horror, is an essential part of films that literally turn on the screen the inside to the outside, and in the best cases, it even political and draw philosophical, sometimes even aesthetic value.

All this, however, Dahan and Rocher had probably initially not in mind. La horde is rather primarily a logical continuation of the film-fitting agents and police, as he has shown in recent years, including The Bourne Ultimatum, or in Daniel Craig’s Bond character. Since the battles are far from the elegant stylization of Asian martial arts movies, and your life is with his fists, kicked and defended randomly scattered objects.

Can be credible in the long run only if the actors speak Professionals the use of force are, and this situation creates, La horde through the following scenario: A group of police officers from a special unit to make because that is one night left in a nearly standing on high-rise somewhere in the suburbs of a major French city (Paris, it probably will be) . In one of the upper floors of the building has a small gear their headquarters, which killed one of their colleagues, and for that they want to take revenge. Law and justice, then, are two sides from the very beginning really matter, of course, the attack is thoroughly wrong, and before you know it, there are plenty of casualties.

Is only one night, in which the dead are to rise to eat the living, of course, not a very good working basis. Consequently, the size of the group reduces very rapidly, until only a hard core is left, about as many gangsters as police officers, and all can not be without each other – and hating it. The setting is at this point, has been a classic – in which besieged by the undead rise, the survivors go for the throat, tearing himself together again and are weighing the outbreak, it is because they manage to get past the building already roving zombies.

It is no small merit of La horde are that the scale at the beginning of tensions between the living dissolved in the course of the film, but until the final minutes into sustained and thus, above all, seriously. La horde achieves a psychological intensity that is unusual for the genre. Worse, the screenplay (by Dahan and Rocher, together with Arnaud Bordas and Stéphane Moïssakis) written even adds more lines of conflict and split the group on and on. And although the film observes how difficult it is to no political, intermediate levels and incorporate tones, so it will still be taken to accurately portrait of a violent society and its self-dissolution and self-destruction under pressure.

Against this background, the long fight scenes, especially the one-on-one -fighting with hands, feet and kitchen knives – of course, also plenty of shooting, but not always, one has indeed such a loaded weapon in his hand – over the pure spectacle also meaningful. For, ultimately, they see what one conceives of domestic violence or brutality on the street, similar demonized, which is not, or at least not consistently, the multiple fractional ironic splatter aesthetic that cultivates the zombie genre is so. This is rather a palpable force, which extends even by the length that the opponent always gets up again before you … you do not already know how to stop it killing zombies.

(Rochus Wolff)

Title: La horde Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (Min) of material: ( #) Le Pacte

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