La bocca del lupo

La bocca del lupo

La bocca del lupo

               Genre: Drama
               Return from prison, Genoa, Berlinale 2010, Change

Melancholic observations of a destroyed city and its inhabitants destroyed

  Enzo returns home. Home which is Genoa. He was not there long, his face is haggard and prematurely aged. It traverses the city, the harbor, the small alleys and side streets away from the beautiful old town core. Genoa is being run down, the signs of the glorious past of the city are faded and almost disappeared. The residents just like Enzo aged, emaciated. The man finally goes home, is a small apartment in his living room on the table for a dinner, which was made years ago for him. Mary has cooked it. Mary and Enzo have met in the men’s jail as Enzo was the only one who was interested in for the transsexual Mary. For years they had to wait until they see each other again to love in freedom and could. The two have a dream: a little cottage by the sea.

Pietro Marcello’s La bocca del lupo is probably one of the highlights of this year’s program of the Forum of the 60th Berlinale. The atmosphere of this semifiktionalen documentation is surprisingly dense and emotionally charged first with the pictures already. Marcello tells the story of an Italian city – Genoa – whose days are numbered seem splendid, in whose streets still lingers, but the melancholy and memories of those days. Faded beauty, broken facades, plazas and streets with prestigious names, the past hangs over Genoa as a deep black curtain. Marcello tries to capture that atmosphere, as he combines old archival footage with new images from the streets around the port. Time in this film is a mixture of past and present, and thus indefinable. All that is still important, is the atmosphere. Slowly the story of Enzo Marcello and Mary unfurled. You just like the other inhabitants of the district, he always watched with some distance, but more accurate. Here he is capable of the old, homeless men who dwell in caves in the port, give the transsexual prostitutes in the alleys and the old women, a halo of divinity that you almost feel like they were the old Roman gods, but just a run-down , forgotten variant. Marcello just been watching the doings, until the last third of the film he makes Enzo and Mary to tell her story of a life that has long been lost and that their dreams have never had a chance.

La bocca del lupo is not an easy film. One has to come to its slowness and melancholy can and also to the fractions with small scraps of reellem here and now, the Marcello always scatters. When will succeed, so can the film is a deeply moving experience even if one never knows what is now a documentary, which notionally what of today, which is of the past. La bocca del lupo is simply everything: a love story, a story about the outsiders of the Italian Society, a tribute to the former beauty. A clear answer is this film only on an emotional level.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: La bocca del lupo Original Title: The Mouth of the Wolf Country of production: Italy Year of production: 2009 Length : 67 (Min)

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