Kukushka – The Cuckoo

Kukushka - The Cuckoo

Kukushka – The Cuckoo

  Anywhere in the barren tundra of Lapland’s young and attractive farmer’s wife Anni (Anni-Kristiina Juuso) lives on a lonely farm. It has been shaken in September of 1944, the war that Europe and the world is coming slowly to an end. An event that has also left up here in the edge of the Arctic Circle, its traces. A long time ago Annis was drafted man, he will not return. And the Russian army, which wants to ally with the Nazis overrun Finland, moves continually closer.

Two soldiers of the two warring parties come unexpectedly in the crossfire: Because on the one hand, the trained sniper Veiko (Ville Haapasalo), the have the retreating German troops as traitors like Prometheus chained to a rock and left to his certain doom. While Veiko wrestles with his bonds, he will bomb witnessed a bizarre scene, during which Russian planes accidentally one of their own jeeps. Only one of the occupants, the Russian Corporal Ivan (Victor Brychtov) survived the disaster. Here the officer was previously a dead man, because Ivan was on his way to his own execution, he because of his penchant for poetry was considered a traitor. Anni creates the severely wounded home to nurse him there healthy. And immediately Veiko also appears on the secluded compound. Thus the problems begin, however earnest. Firstly because no-one speaks the language of others, and not only in the sense that men and women are not anyway. And secondly, of course, both men promptly fall in love with the attractive and flirtatious Anni. The time being, however, has other worries, because the harsh Finnish winter is fast approaching, so grab all three to create reserves and to chop wood. As Anni but eventually starved out of the lonely life finally chosen the young Finn, Ivan responded with burning jealousy, so that living together is increasingly being called to a severe test. Veiko especially in Ivan’s eyes anyway is a crypto-fascist.

A film in three different languages, all of which are subtitled? This admittedly sounds exhausting. But is not it. Because of Alexander Rogoshkin is exactly that, to the incomprehension to what divides and what unites in love as in war. And language barriers sometimes run through the middle of his own country which is the latest, it becomes clear when Anni in their Sámi language in one scene complained about Veikos scent and will dispel the hand with the stench. Understands and responds to the prompt wrong in Finnish: “Yes, it has a lot of mosquitoes, they have devoured me, almost.” If already failed in such situations, little communication, so the audience is thinking, how is it then only work if it is really going gets tough? The absurd situation of basic understanding, willing, but non-comprehension-ability to provide plenty of excitement and entertainment and makes the film a warm and bizarre gem, you will not soon forget.

Title: Kukushka – The Cuckoo Country of production: Russia, Finland Year of production: 2002 Length: 100 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Kool Film Distribution

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