Kochi man

Kochi man

Man Kochi

               Genre: Comedy
               Midlife crisis, fears, Festival of German Films 2009, menopause

A man in the menopause

  Who am I – and if so how many? That’s the title of a philosophical bestseller. But the confusion expressed in these words, matches perfectly to the mental state of the movie hero Jurgen Kochi. The good man simply does not know where is his head. And it is wonderfully funny at all serious background.

Shortly before his 50th Birthday could Jürgen Kochi (Stefan Kurt) back on a highly successful life. Actually, everything is there: well-paying job, big house, faithfully caring wife. But suddenly Jürgen Kochi is somehow beside him. He can only wonder about what is happening around him. Nothing is, of course, everything gets a strange appearance. Who is it who’s going into the office, visited the dementia father and ruined the evening, the garden hose? And who is this other person who has fallen out of the frame and is now rubbing his eyes? A man in midlife crisis? One might call the condition that the doctor in the film as “male menopause” dubs. If we could – if the term were not so trite and wrong, because klischeebeladenes would shed light on Norbert Baumgarten (writer / director) refreshing comedy.

Content is gathered here all one way by the men at midlife expected: sudden attempts to escape, unexpectedly youthful swagger and firm resolve to chuck it all. But the familiar is immediately visually broken. Mainly by a style will, and will apply for the state of the Off-the-world-falling unused images. With exaggerated colors and surprising perspectives and a wide angle view alienated cameraman Lars Lenski creates a world from which we often do not know if it is real or a dream.

For Kochi real world is both. Life becomes a nightmare to him. And in the short nights of insomnia startled from nightmares, which spring his real worries. Because the good man pretty much everything slipping away, the slapstick its logical place. Things are turning against him, making life even harder. Herrlich with to see how Kochi, for example, tries to bring in a men’s restroom with multiple sinks, the water running. When he moves his hands under a faucet, the water runs in the next prompt. If he tries it, but there is now entering the second tap into the water strike. Instead he scorns his first cock, by now, when the hands are elsewhere, the water releases.

It is not only the enigmatic comedic performance by Stefan Kurt thanks to them that this humor is not over in laughter the misfortunes of others slip. It is especially the sensitive, at times almost sympathetic look that Kochi man raises his hero. “I see something you do not see” – this proverb children busy Kochi, he can not get away from him. And rightly so. For he can actually see at the end of what he has done wrong all the time. Even though it so clearly is that we viewers can see it at any time. But we also know. Thus, it is precisely during crises. That concerns us as well that we are blind to the real problem then. It’s quite possible that we will not even know who we are. And if yes – how many.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: man Kochi Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 96 (Min) of material: ( #) Falcom Media

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