Kinshasa Symphony

Kinshasa Symphony

Kinshasa Symphony

               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
               African, Classical, Orchestra, Zaire, Berlinale 2010

spark of the gods from another world

  When beautiful in the Congo “joy divine spark” is heard, then that is more than a symbol. It is the realization that classical music can help to shape his life. According to El Sistema now comes another film in the cinemas, which shows what Beethoven might mean for people who live in a developing country. Kinshasa Symphony documented on touching way the performances of two hundred musicians and singers who are in the African city of eight million, a public concert featuring works by Beethoven, Verdi, Orff, and on the legs.

It should be an African Orchestra not imagine how a European one. In Kinshasa, there is still no music lessons, instruments. All are self-taught, the violins or cellos, they have built themselves. For practicing, they are much too tired, because they get up at five in the morning and after work to rehearse at night. Nevertheless, we immediately know why the music has taken her case. One need only look into their faces. As they stand with her violin on the street, because in the huts and houses is far too narrow to practice. Trappings of noisy traffic, but the violinist is as caught up in this crowd, very concentrated, as if he were in another world.

The documentary filmmaker Claus Wischmann and Martin Baer told of the background and history of the orchestra, Founded 15 years ago. They accompany the rehearsals for the open-air concert, which will give the musicians at the ceremony to mark Independence Day. They relate the viewer into the conflicts and tensions that result from incorrect sounds or late assignments. Multiple conductor is about to cancel everything. That leaves only a few days.

Even more important in this suspense film as the nice balance between the music and the pulse of the city – with associative sequences of the concentrated and linger on the faces is in the camera as in read a book. While they show the musicians in their work and their families, the filmmakers need little explanation. It just speaks for itself when you see how these people have been prescribed in spite of a struggle for survival-hard of a thing when it comes together again. And when you realize that you are in such a chaotic metropolis can only penetrate reasonably well when together on natural way.

In the 15 years of its existence the orchestra has grown steadily. It is of course also become more professional, although some passages are more reminiscent of the sample with a local school orchestra. The bigger the surprise, then starts the public concert. As the singers and musicians are obviously outgrown even about himself. As they do this for 15 years. For the real achievement is not how they play. But the fact that they exist.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Kinshasa Symphony Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 90 (Min) tone / language : Salzgeber

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