King Kong Collection

King Kong Collection

King Kong Collection

               Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure
               New York, director, human sacrifice, a gorilla, King Kong, Skull Iceland, Empire State Building

From the early days of special effects

  This giant gorilla, which debuted in 1933 with King Kong and the white woman / King Kong by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack his successful screen premiere in New York City, has since become a legend in film history. That same year saw the continuation of King Kong’s son / The Son of Kong, and in 1949 staged director Ernest B. Schoedsack a third part, which came under the title Mighty King Kong / Mighty Joe Young in the cinemas. The twisted with time innovative technology stories around the tragic monster, a victim of exhibitionism and sensationalism have worldwide millions of viewers reached, and within the King Kong Collection Arthaus the two sequels of the classic coming for the first time in Germany out on DVD.

As the adventure filmmaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) and his crew for the next ride with the cargo ship “Venture” prepared, he raises the objective of this trip a secret, which he does not make it any easier, a engaging actress. Shortly before the time the ship goes to Denham in New York City in search of a suitable young woman he can use for its intended creepy romance. By chance he meets the impoverished thief Ann Darrow (Fay Wray), he can convince themselves of their existential distress out of the party into the unknown join. After a long journey reached the venture the mysterious Skull Iceland, on the towers a mountain in the form of a skull of the tropical landscape. The foreign visitors burst out of the very civilization to the annoyance of the islanders straight into a ritual ceremony, at which the island is to God a human sacrifice to be offered to Kong. Even if the film team manages the hasty retreat, is kidnapped in the night, the lovely Ann and finds himself now back as an offering to the mighty gorilla, however, the monkeys developed a love for the young blond …

King Kong and the white woman at the time saw the beginnings of sound film, mainly due to the spectacular special effects for sensation, marked by innovation within the film score by Max Steiner. Cultural receptions have set themselves over the years within the different approaches to the phenomenon of the emotionally charged monster deal, and accommodate a varied range of interpretations of the psychological and philosophical interpretation of patterns. Transported many cliches of the film spätkolonialistischen era, it covers critical aspects of the sensationalism of show business, makes the giant gorilla climbing the towering symbols of civilization and eventually perish worthy as tragic heroes in the resistive hopeless struggle.

The significant gay-oriented continuation King Kong’s son, the director Carl Denham takes Skull again after Iceland, where he met the scion of the legendary Kong, Mighty Joe during sixteen years later in fact an entirely different story and Gorilla FIG imports, growing up as a baby in a young girl to whom she developed a warm bond. The film was equipped with a 1950 Oscar for best special effects and stresses in significantly greater extent than previous criticism of the careless handling of the unusual creature, which here happens the first time not ultimately deadly fate.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: King Kong Collection Country of production: USA Production year: 1933 to 1949 Length: 257 (Min.) Published by:

King Kong Collection

format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German, English EAN: 4006680052304 ( #) Extras: movie info, star info, photo gallery, trailers, press release

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