Just before it happened

Just before it happened
               Genre: Drama
  “Obsessed with reality”, that’s it, the Anja Salomonowitz. It is all too happy as “one of Austria’s greatest talents,” titled and beyond with her second film playfully extended the boundaries between documentary, reality and an imaginary truth.

Just before it happened “is an artistic approaches to the global phenomenon of trafficking in women,” as the press knows Bulletin reported. “I will take away the compassion and empathy in the audience, as both will benefit its stakeholders, their stories, anything,” confirms Anja Salomonowitz in conversation after the Berlin premiere of her film about women and forced prostitution. For this purpose it uses a classic alienation effect, because she does not let the victims speak their own stories, but those who might stand on the side of repression, or: the border officials, upon discovery of illegal immigrants, deportation supplies, the neighbor, by the services of the slave woman married to the house next door, with benefits, the waiter at the brothel-bar, the middle-class diplomat, one exploits illegal immigrants under the guise of humanity to do housework, or the taxi driver who chauffeured a forced prostitution of Free to Free. (# )
For Just before that is happening Salomonowitz was awarded the Caligari Prize at the International Forum of New Cinema at the Berlinale 2007: “Intelligent structured Anja Salomonowitz combines documentary about trafficking in women and illegal immigrants, ambiguous reality of staging a thrilling and illuminating analysis of societal ills “said the jury’s decision. Anja Salomonowitz who studied in Vienna and Berlin film revolves political documentaries on the border between fiction and documentary. Her work has received international recognition: The last movie you’ll understand you never received the Prix Regards Neufs the renowned documentary film festival Visions du Réel in Nyon and walked on many other film festivals.

(Jean Lüdeke)

Title: Just before it happened Country of production: Austria Year of production: 2006 Length: 72 (Min) Rental: Movie Gallery 451 ISBN: 9783941540026

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