Joy Division

Joy Division
               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
  Actually, it is highly surprising that this film does not place much earlier, and had long emerged from Anton Corbijn’s Control. For anyone who has studied the history of pop music, ever again stumbles over the name of the band from Manchester, which shaped the sound of the late seventies and eighties than almost any second. Only two albums ( Unknown Pleasures from the year 1979 and Closer , appeared to satisfy 1980), to Joy Division to make a legend and the death of the charismatic singer Ian Curtis, the on 18 May 1980 took the life, did his best to reinforce the myth of the band that came out of nowhere further. British director Grant Gee, with the Meeting People is Easy (1998) Radiohead have already put a cinematic monuments, works on his congenial documentary history of Joy Division and delivered a film that will delight not only fans of the band.

In Gee can draw on film from the solid and gathers not only the whole band, which continues after the death of Curtis under the name New Order, before the camera, but places for the first time Curtis’ mistress Annik Honoré to about their relationship with the singer suffering from epilepsy, sensory and speak. Similarly, Tony Wilson, who discovered the band and head of the legendary record label Factory Records and the sound engineer Martin Hannett (1992 are deceased), gave the two albums from Joy Division, their incomparable timbre, to speak. Gee also has dug quite a bit of as yet unreleased film, photo and audio materials that can enhance the image of the band and their stars to some facets. Gees Joy Division documentary picks up where Anton Corbijn Control stops and focuses not only on the singer Ian Curtis, but on the whole band, and alone is reason for fans is an absolute must-see. And who the band previously did not know, here receives a successful introduction to the workings and impact of Joy Division whose depressive sound you also can not yet escape so easily. Pop music so very rarely reflected the Zeitgeist and the lifestyle of an era and a country again, as in the sounds from Manchester. That this band, which summed up the dreariness of post-industrial age into sounds and words, is calculated from the birthplace of unbridled capitalism and the cycle of the economy so that in the end returns to its starting point, shows once more that the story seems to be a fine sense holds for ironies.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Joy Division Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2007 Length: 94 (Min) Distribution : MFA + Film Distribution

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