Journey to Tunis

Journey to Tunis

Journey to Tunis

               Genre: Documentary
               Painter, Travel, Tunisia, art, Paul Klee, August Macke, Louis Moilliet

In the Footsteps of Paul Klee

  Art history is full of countless trips and longer stays, with foreign artists coming through the picture and imagined worlds into contact, and can incorporate these new influences at home in her work. Hardly a trip, but has there ever in the history of art at such an importance placed almost on the status of a myth as the Tunisreise who undertook Paul Klee, August Macke and Louis Moilliet in 1914 before the outbreak of World War II.

This was the trip initially not thought of as a classic educational trip, but rather as a pleasurable break, which should serve primarily their own pleasure. But once the three painters had entered the African soil, the plans were forgotten, and the easels and sketchbooks in hand. Above all, Paul Klee lived here a real shock that turned his thoughts, his feelings, his entire perception and understanding of art on its head and also a new variety of colors and shapes created, it should draw from the clover in the coming years. But during the trip caused some 44 watercolors and sketches clover. And happy the artist noted in his diary: “Color me. I do not want to catch at her. It took me forever, I know as that the meaning of this happy hour: I and the colors are one. I’m a painter ) .”

artist (and filmmaker is also a native of Tunisia Nacer Khemir, with whom the director Bruno Moll reconstructs the stages of the journey from Tunis to Kairouan to Hammamet Tunis on filmic. The choice of Tunisia as a knowledgeable guide through the art of Klee, with whom he since he was 12 Age feels closely, proves to be a stroke of luck for the film. For Khemir is not only an expert on the works of Paul Klee, but also a gifted storyteller who knows how to perform the way the artist to life. At the same time it penetrates deeper into the nature of the trip and show the unifying nature of travel as a true bridge between the Arab art and culture and its reflection in Europe. Especially in troubled times like this gets such a voyage of discovery into a political issue, which shows how much the two worlds to each other. It is not only the art of Paul Klee. But it is the common element is perhaps his most complete expression.

In the quiet, almost contemplative paintings and in a rhythm that is the slowness of the travel fair will be Bruno Moll’s film dealing with the Tunisreise not only a treat for connoisseurs of the work by Paul Klee, but also a gentle and yet very impressive political film about the power of art that can truly overcome borders and turn into unifying divisive.

(Paul Collmar)

Title: Journey to Tunis Original Title: Le voyage à Tunis Country of production: , Switzerland, Austria Year of production: 2007 Length: 75 (Min) of material: Cairo Film Distribution tone / language: OmdU

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