It’s about everything

Its about everything

It’s about everything

  In the world of boxing name of all – especially the battle name: Henry Maske was the “gentleman” Rocchigiani Graciano “Rocky”, Wladimir Klitschko, “are Dr. Steel Hammer “and his brother Vitali” Dr. Ironfist. Of course, the native of Armenia Arthur Abraham, President of the Association of IBF world champion, also has a battle name: His fans revere him as “King Arthur” when he first marched to a umgetexteten version of the song of the Smurfs in the ring was, until the rights holders, the self-ironic for a boxer bustle ligated by omission statement. Who is the man behind the catchy name, the filmmaker tries Nina Pourlak in their documentation, it is to fathom it all.

Final Arthur Abraham has been known primarily by a struggle – fight those with whom he on 23 September 2006 to defend his IBF world title: The so-called “Battle of Wetzlar” was the native Armenians with a German passport against the Colombian Edison Miranda and played the final eight laps with double fractured jaw. If Abraham had given up the title would have been lost – after the broken jaw is a direct result of the struggle was. At this time, it was clear that it understands this very likeable man to push through. Clear that this spectacular fight is the prelude of the film.

Focus is not just a boxer in the center of attention, but also and especially the relation of Abraham to his coach Ulli Wegner, in his often authoritarian nature one possible huge contrast to Arthur Abraham forms. Pourlak Nina and her cameraman Sebastian Lempe accompany the boxer and his trainer in the following by the athlete’s daily training, showing Abraham while jogging in sparring and in medical tests and his rabbit when running, always in alternation with Ulli Wegner, so that with time picture of the connection between the two disparate men developed. That in the truest sense of the word, anything goes – that is to defend the Weltmeisterttitels the average weight – which is the audience only in the course of the film clear. Also we learn very little about the background, on biographical details about the thinking of the boxer and his coach, so that the double portrait is ultimately rather superficial and is likely to inspire especially ingrained boxing fans.


Title: It’s about everything Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 94 (Min) Distribution : New Visions

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