In the shadow

In the shadow

In the shadow

               Genre: Thriller
               Policeman, Berlin, prison, prosecutor, armed robbery, are Berlinale 2010

The gangsters of us

  It’s been a minor sensation that Thomas Arslan, one of the most important representatives of the so-called “Berlin School” is an exciting, tough genre film has turned. But Thomas was not Thomas Arslan Arslan, if he had not the gangster milieu placed his personal stamp: a precision in the cinematic resources that can be behind an attack on an armored car yet included a different story. Namely, by gangsters who are businessmen, and businessmen, the gangsters are.

In the center of the story is Trojan (Mišel Maticevic), which has just been released from prison. As his ex-partner is not about to pay its share Trojan, Trojan need a new “job”. He checks the “market” can be the “planners” (the only name on the film character) look, who runs his business like an ordinary office. Finally, he asked the prosecutor Dora (Karoline Eichhorn), will evaluate the course, their professional knowledge as a kind of “secondary use” in criminal circles. In fact, Dora has a million coup for Trojan, which looks like easy money. But then there’s the policeman Meyer (Uwe Bohm). Meyer is also part-time route: he draws from the criminal transactions that he will reveal ten percent off. Trojans and the bull is the only serious opponent.

Trojan is good at his “job” extremely cautious, extremely disciplined thinking through everything carefully. And with the precision of the film also works. There is no setting, no camera movement and no sound too much. It is the reduced funds for which the “Berlin School” is known. Thomas Arslan has used them not only in his last movie vacation with a clear stringency. There, they served to make visible a disintegrating family structure. In the shadows they create a world that is extremely homeless. Trojan and his opponents are constantly moving in places of transition, in the car, in car parks, car washes or hotels.
In the world of this film, it is not the craft that failed. Trojan Nico and his assistant are extremely professional, they know all the tricks and know exactly what you need for an attack and where to get it. The problem is that unless Nico Trojan has no one to whom he can trust. To do its work to earn his money, he can rely on no one must question everything and anything. For in this world of the fuzzy edge between criminal and legitimate business, everything is allowed, only one to survive, no matter what the cost.

Thomas Arslan Quite deliberately leaves this world, not in artificial or approximate. The venue is the Berlin of today, the U-Bahn Station Charlottenburg, Friedrichstrasse, various wastelands and gas stations. It is not the typical assumptions about the genre, which situate the film, but rather a documentary-looking shots, shot in real places. It seduces the viewer to the question of whether – and if so, how much – this world has to do with him. Maybe it’s just as good at detective fiction, as their fan be recognized Thomas Arslan at Berlinale, he admitted, which was presented to the film in the section of the Forum. It is not enough to serve the typical pattern, it will be something to light that has to do with real life. And this is the Berlin film director succeeded in the most exciting way.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: (In the Shadow #) Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 85 (Min) of material: ( #) Peripheral Film Distribution

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