In my heaven

In my heaven
               Genre: drama, literature
  To remember and let go yet – when a loved one has died, collide, these two needs. Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) is fourteen years old when she is murdered by a neighbor (Stanley Tucci). The grief of parents and siblings, their inability to cope with the loss of destroying the happy family, until then almost entirely. This tragic act is director Peter Jackson is from an unfamiliar perspective: For him the events from the perspective of the dead girl to be told. What sounds somewhat absurd, really works. The film depicts the story of a slow goodbye to a very poetic form.

On the day she was murdered Susie is really happy, because she has her first date with Ray, a boy with whom she is in love a long time. That they will not live to the meeting, you know after the first few minutes in the cinema – and yet the tension remains curiously consistently maintained.

For there are great pictures, for which Peter Jackson, director of Heavenly Creatures and Lord of the Rings, is justly famous. Its small American town of the seventies, he plunges into a melancholy light that is reminiscent of old color photos – and how to pictures to remember Susie looks back on her life. Salmon Family is her daughter from death, and that makes him almost more tragic, an almost frighteningly perfect family. The parents (Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg) has three children smooch still in love over breakfast, and strife, there are only about the disorder in children.

Susie is an ordinary young girl that goes to school and passes the time in shopping malls to herumärgert with the younger siblings and sometimes comes home late. The little brother does not like beans, my sister is at John Lennon and Joan Baez – an ordinary American family in the seventies. That not everything is as normal as it seems, enjoys the good faith Susie too quickly when she meets a kindly-looking neighbors. Behind the facade of a completely average Deeply disturbed Mr. Harvey Stanley Tucci plays with great conviction.

With the disappearance of her daughter, whose body was never found, it changes everything for the family. In different ways, in the form of emotional withdrawal, or manic fury, all make a change, and almost breaks out the family. Just keep going, not even succeed Susie, even though it is actually dead. Also it can not be solved by the family and watching them from the space between earth and heaven, where they are now stuck.

This meant not religious limbo shows Jackson in bright and beautiful and colorful pictures, so you are almost calmed the girl at the brutal death. And then again two seconds later, the world is crumbling apart, at Susie, she is back in a place full of fear and memories of cruel violence. For these images of nature recordings were mixed and digital special effects, which fuses into surreal imagery.

When a mysterious girl in Susie’s age shows up, that explains it, where is it, everything seems to be easier. But her new friend warned her again and again: You have to solve now. Looking ahead not back. Your place is no longer on the earth. As long as Susie is still full of rage and grief, she can not manage that – nor are their family. In touching scenes, they put up only gradually deal with what’s happening.

That the very emotional action does not descend into sentimentality and kitsch, in addition to the convincing presentation of the first fifteen years in particular, Saoirse Ronan also thanks to the wit of Susan Sarandon who were moving up in the form of a chain-smoking, dauertrinkenden grandmother to keep family life going.

The movie is based on the 2002 published Bestsellers The Lovely Bones of the American writer Alice Sebold. The scriptwriters were keen to preserve the complexity of the template, and they succeeded. As Peter Jackson says, is the film an “emotional thriller, because it is both about the hunt for an ingenious felons as well as the reconstruction of an overwhelming, almost destroyed by a loss of family.”

(Claire Horst)

Title: ) In my heaven (# Original Title: The Lovely Bones Country of production: U.S., Britain, New Zealand Year of production: 2009 Rental: Paramount Pictures Germany

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