In addition to the track

In addition to the track
               Genre: Drama
  Six people on the brink of a nervous breakdown: A young couple is traveling in a chic red vintage Porsche. But then they start to argue – to the driver, a young upstart named Marcel (Tom Schilling), his girlfriend Julie (Mia Florentine Weiss) can just stand. As Julie happens to all the people one encounters in this film: At some point they are on the road, on the sidelines and feel alone and abandoned. They are the same in the double sense of the word next to the track.

, Since, for example, the hyper-successful manager Henry (Axel Milberg), which extends from the travails of making money like time relaxing in his hunting lodge in Tai Chi and the torment of his e guitar – if it can be. Because suddenly, the environmental activist and muddlehead Dieter (played by director Detlef Bothe appears to itself) and tried to enforce his strange notions of justice, and then a politicizing Trucker (Wotan Wilke Mohring) plays a role. On the siding is also Henry’s oh-so self-lover, the painter Susan (Gabriela Scharnitzky), the mother of Julie, who hardly knows anything about her daughter and mitbekommt. Further complicating the relationship by the fact that Henry is Julie’s father – whom they know nothing.

The fact that this movie plays over and over again in the winter snow, decaying leaves, dying beetle and similar signs of decay and decline in the image moves, is not accidental, but rather is located with the intention of the director. “Look here,” he seems to say, “This is not similar to us humans?” Will be cool and not too long ago while freezing to death in the cold between us, and slippery on the slipperiness of our lives lies our greed, our hypocrisy, and all the squalor that surrounds us? One could understand this film as a side note about the life and lifestyle in the Germany of 2008. The analysis Bothe of this country and its people, there is sobering. And perhaps because of it so aptly.

The director Detlef Bothe is mainly known as an actor. In addition to the track but also have been third film as director, after Holiday (2001) and my wife, my friends and I (2004). In his films, it is always about people on the margins of society, to outcasts and losers. Thus, in his latest work. Incidentally, the soundtrack is by the composer Peer Raben (2046) Berlin Alexanderplatz, who died in 2007.


Title: In addition to the trail Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 110 (Min) of material: monopoly Film Distribution

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