I’m in Trouble!

Im in Trouble!

I’m in Trouble!

               Genre: Comedy
               Friend, Metropolis, poets, Berlinale 2010, Seoul, dreamers
  Sun-Woo (Min Sung-wook is) constantly in trouble. Right at the beginning of the film, he screwed up a lunch date with his girlfriend Yuna (Jeong Ji-yeon) and her father. Quite rightly it is sour. Contrary to all the promise of her boyfriend has again seen too much to drink and fight a nasty hangover. It has enough and leaves him. He wants her back, making new promises to make a reconciliation breaks out again until a new battle. The ups and downs of the relationship runs through the entire movie. And if the two views do not argue or tolerated, Sun-Woo is either drunk, hungover or depressed.

As unemployed poet in their thirties one can live quite well into the day, so devoid of commitments and deadlines. However, Sun-Woo does not seem to be happy. From sorrow he reaches for the bottle again and sinks into deep self-pity here. Luckily, he still has his friend Seung-Kyu (Jeong Ji-yeon), without which it would be pretty lonely. For he who has no job, has no counterparts in Korea and who makes significant household, but often a second Sun-Woo refused for a life as a clerk, and even insulted his friends because of it.

Sun Sang-min’s debut film, I’m in Trouble! This is a Korean independent films, where a lot of eating, drinking, smoking, talking, walking and sleeping. Known to be especially Hong Sang-soo’s films like Haebyuneui Yoein / Women on the Beach and Bam gua Nat / Night and day, which was also shown at the Berlinale. In long, static shots of characters and their behavior will be studied extensively. This is charming, but sometimes a bit tiring. The action is limited to a few characters and scenes are often repetitive. A good insight into the Korean environment gives the film forever. There is not anything groundbreaking new to see. And anyone who has seen many Korean films, which will all happen much too well known.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: I’m in trouble! Original Title: Well-nine-e-gon kyeong cheo-haet-da! Country of production: South Korea Year of production: 2009 Length: 98 (Min)

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