If love were so simple

If love were so simple

If love were so simple

               Genre: Comedy, Romance
               Love, New York, divorce, triangle

News from the ROMCOM Queen

  Happy is he who has such concerns: For ten years, Jane Adler (Meryl Streep), the successful owner of a shop for exclusive goodies, divorced from her ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin). Jake had once been separated because of the younger Agness (Lake Bell), his wife and three of their children today, but largely the wounds healed, you can even meet each other at parties, without this would leave too unpleasant feelings. In addition, steps forward with the gorgeous shy architect Adam (Steve Martin), a new husband in Jane’s life, she not only reads all the architectural wishes of the eyes. But then, when the exam celebration of their son, and several bottles of wine, Jane and Jake end up in New York together in bed – and secretly begin an affair. But as we’ll tell our children? And is it really possible that new after ten years of separation, the old fire with the love or is it all just a flash in the pan and the charm of the familiar? Soon both her feelings are no longer safe and have their hands full, to hide the complicated affair before their own children, the new wife of Jake and Adam …

To which target group is Nancy Meyers, with her new movie, if love were as simple as directed, no doubt about that: they are mainly women in their fifties and upwards, when Jane down together with her friends at dinner salad and wine and chatting, one feels sometimes to the ladies round of Sex and the City recalls – but 20 years later. Of course is about the men and also (in small doses) to sex, but one gets the impression that all this has no longer the importance it did in earlier years. Because all these women have had their own experiences with the men because they have come to terms with the death or divorce, and because they have learned as representatives of the privileged upper middle class to enjoy without the man beside her life. And if “Mr. Right” but still randomly turn around the corner, makes the normally not for crises and breakdowns as before. Perhaps it is also this impression that this attitude that makes Jane’s love troubles are not always credible. Because we know that this woman can really shake anything. Be honest: we envy them, they profoundly calm. And, to their ability, yet still follow their impulses and emotions.

Because love beyond the stereotypes of Fifty Nancy Meyers comes primarily through the stomach, not much here revolves around sex, but primarily about food and about drinking. “Food is the sex of age,” says a cheeky quip, and if the love would just seem to confirm this trite cliche. When Jake is back after several years in the district of his former family, he first praised Jane’s cooking skills. Even otherwise fills the graying and slightly gone to pieces Alec Baldwin constantly over the entire duration of the film filled with all sorts of goodies – just to me as though the director explained why the Beau of the past today is more like a lumbering like Teddy than a sex symbol . Jake’s opponent, which is also a divorced architect, Adam (Steve Martin), the charming Jane’s property bear a growing and has a thing during the planning phase to the Bauherrin remains over much of the film looks quite pale, and with its reduced expression as a multiply revamped mask, the plastic surgeon with the well-meaning any overly wild grimaces strictly prohibited. Only when herumkichern Jane and Adam vollgekifft during a party silly, Martin’s comedic talent is noticeable and makes for one of the few genuine laughs in this soft-Romantic Comedy, which is located in a different setting and with a different cast as well as in the German private TV ” imagine TV this week “could. Not least is the fact that complications occur in this film, an only too familiar, and everything in spite of the protestations of how complicated are the entanglements but in the end everything dissolves into thin air. Provided

dignified and solid staging, which is when love would be so easy especially something for all fans of Nancy Meyers – even if other works by the “Queen of ROMCOM” (What the heart desires, What Women Want, needs love The Holiday), the nerve of time better than this then take it very predictable film. And last but not least, the film is suitable for those who are familiar with the beautiful decorations, such as a journal of solid country-style, picture-book problems and courses of action without too much entitled to enjoy. Whoever it may be surprising but a little, and stereotypes, which is certainly better off in other films. Fun Cinema of the light variety for the Generation 50Plus “.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: If love were so simple Original Title: It’s Complicated Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: ( #) 120 (min) of material: , Universal Pictures International Germany

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