Ichi – The blind sword fighter

Ichi - The blind sword fighter
               Genre: Action
  The myth of the blind samurai enjoys in Japan and elsewhere in martial arts friends very great popularity, and with Zatoichi – The Blind Samurai from 2003 Takeshi Kitano has succeeded in a beautifully-sly adaptation of great substance. Opens in that tradition, there is also Ichi – The blind sword fighter by Fumihiko Sori, but in its own art, the history here, first of all a female heroine that is a cranky-begotten is comical companion, the focus is also heavily on the development of characters as well as on the delicate rapprochement between the two broken pieces, which attaches a touching melancholy. Thus, the film becomes an atmospheric drama with its venerable, as well as minimalist and bloody martial arts seemingly poetic monologues and dialogues, to intensify the tragedy of history.

Although it appears as a blind, itinerant musician, always vulnerable, gentle and controlled hosts, the striking Ichi (Haruka Ayase) is a passionate creature, which is expressed in their melancholy longings for intimacy, as well as in their lightning-quick, excellent fighting style with which they actually sensed the movements of their opponents, a razor blade changing and pinpoint the same. During a confrontation with violent felons who have assaulted a female companion Ichise by blind singers migrant who wants her to stray Samurai Toma (Takao Osawa) come to the assistance, but it is Ichi, which eliminates the attacker. The lively, but little defensive Toma simply follows the first fighter, rather reserved, and together they get to Bito, when it comes to the fateful events associated with the distorted, cruel ex-samurai Banki (Shido Nakamura), who with his comrades the rough Location harassed. It ensues between Ichi and Toma all sensitive love story …

For a martial arts film is certainly unusual weighting focuses Ichi – The blind sword fighter on the sensitivities of its strong female character, the director Fumihiko Sori a surprisingly emotional femininity acknowledges, with which she complains about the personal and social limitations as a blind woman. Ichi and Toma, both haunted by the shadows of their past, represent a tragic couple of outsiders, which wears while in the power struggle of the Yakuza, but eventually learns the longed-for redemption – even if there will be no common future for both.

Director Fumihiko Sori is dedicated to the development of his characters plenty of space and time, filled with quiet, intense pictures full of pain and poetry, often accompanied by evocative music of Lisa Gerrard’s. Leaving a huge sadness Ichise, time and space to be, finds a striking visual expression, and the philosophical view of perception and blindness that permeates the film, brings an appealing enigmatic. Ichi – The blind sword fighter combines the elements of an ancient myth with modern design and a dramatic figure-drawing on the diverse composition of a successful open form of the classic martial arts film.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Ichi – The blind sword fighter Original Title: Ichi Country of production: Japan Year of production: 2008 Length: (# ) 118 (Min) of material: Rapid Eye Movies ISBN: 4260017062408

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