I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris

           I Love You Phillip Morris
               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Homosexuality, prison, car accident, Cannes 2009, fraud, exceeds Coming-out

Love all boundaries

  Even the Oscar success of Brokeback Mountain can not hide the fact that there is anxiety in Hollywood when it comes to marketing movies with homosexual content. The most recent example of this is the farce to the publication of the studded romantic comedy I Love You Phillip Morris. Already the world premiere at Sundance a year ago first skeptical voices were heard. No major studio wanted to access. Jim Carrey would have dared to satirize excessive sex scene with a strange man, too little massenkompatibel the intimate kisses from Ewan McGregor and Carrey. After much dithering, has secured the completely unknown Consolidated Pictures Group’s rights and promised the co-producing Europe Corp., led by the heavyweight films Luc Besson (Léon – The Professional) I Love You Phillip Morris, 12 Bring out in February. But nothing came of it. Once again the U.S. Releasedate shifted from March to April 30 July. Eventually it reached Besson, the rights wandered back to Europe Corp. and a new distribution company is to place the film in selected cinemas now. However, there is a risk that it collects dust in the end only in the DVD shelves – as well that liberal open-minded in parts of Europe dealt with I Love You Phillip Morris.

Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is as a support of a small square in the quiet community of Georgia. As a conscientious police officer, he is recognized everywhere and on Sunday he can not make it sing in the choir. His wife Debbie (Leslie Mann) to show the father as more understanding husband, who go every night before bed still says a prayer. But the “Idyll” is deceptive. Steven dreams of another life and can not get over it, that he never got to know his real mother. Steven feverishly looking for her, and when he finally found it meets their rejection of all the harder. When he suffered a severe car accident one night Steven questioned his entire previous existence. Without regard to losses, he chooses to live out fully his unlived homosexual feelings. He leaves a wife and child and plunges mittenrein in Miami’s flamboyant gay scene. But his new-found freedom does a lot of money. Only with all sorts of clever frauds he can keep afloat. Until the police caught him yet, and Steven goes to prison. From initial despair when Steven suddenly awakened a new sense of life, when he met behind bars, the sensitive fellow inmate Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). From then on he decides, never to separate again from his new true love – with all the consequences.

Surprising as it may sound like, I Love You Philip Morris is based on a true story. The journalist Steve McVicker, the fascinating life of multiple prison escapee Steven Jay Russell in his book I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, reclaimed and Prison Breaks . John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (Bad Santa) were interested in the same for the material, wrote his own screenplay and was bought by Jim Carrey, who championed early provocative for the project also encouraged the government to take over. Their freshness, enthusiasm, but also a different style or break you realize the film at any minute. Requa and Ficarra opted for a satirical tone, which is indeed consistent and persevered to the end for more than just provide a real laugh, but in the dramatic sequences prison does not always work. Content, their story is clearly reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can and Steven Soderbergh’s The Informant. However, keep the young directors own tone and always surprise with spectacular twists. The audience let it often remains unclear whether the narrator Steven Russell said it honestly with one or not yet hatched, a new swindle.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra can in I Love You Phillip Morris to two courageous protagonists left, who took for her choice of roles – especially in the case of Jim Carrey – the deliberate breaking of taboos in purchasing. Carrey, who in recent years, wanted more and more detached from his Blödel image is, the rocky road toward seriousness, he with The Truman Show and Forget me not! successfully embarked on further commitment. I Love You Phillip Morris is probably the most extreme and demanding role, which has the star comedian ever admitted. His exaltation and his propensity for extreme gestures and facial exaggerations Carrey will probably never give up. But this brand he is in I Love You Phillip Morris a very skillfully. Especially apparent in his many lives, whether as a boss or business as a lawyer blooms Carrey on acting talent. But the radical departure from the heterosexual past and the desire to play with gay stereotypes get Carrey out believable. Carrey coherent portrait of gay bears decided to the success. For the directors it was at its debut in contrast to the historical document in the first place not to trace Russell Betrügerwerdegang. For them, the love story, so the unconditional surrender of Russell to Morris, the center stand. Fortunately, Ewan McGregor makes the essential Anbandelungsszenen of Carrey does not play on the wall.

The Scot was seen in recent years in many roles. He sometimes pottering at four projects. This led for work but not necessarily immersive character portraits. Quite different in I Love You Phillip Morris. With highlights in your hair, a blissful smile and an increasing duration soft voice draws McGregor’s Morris impressive precision as completely helpless, almost unviable, but also endearing figure. A dance scene in a prison cell is then also one of the funniest and most touching moments between McGregor and Carrey in I Love You Phillip Morris.

With all the crazy situation comedy and the bizarre pair sequences forget the directors but not to show the depths of her characters. Just go these moments of pause, the questioning of the characters in the rapid narrative almost lost. For their stylized staging, together with a dynamic camera work, rapid cuts and a garish imagery ultimately suffers no moments of rest. In the end, I Love You Phillip Morris, a daring film experiment, which cares neither moral nor a common streamlined dramaturgy. Despite some jumps in the action and unnecessary antics, the relationship of dramatic farce wins thanks to the excellent chemistry between the two main characters with a refreshingly playful offbeat note, which stands out from the love pleasing genre film out.

(Florian Koch)

Title: I Love You Phillip Morris Country of production: France, USA Year of Production: 2010 Length: 96 (min) ( #) Distribution: Alamode Film Distribution

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