Hwal – The Bow (DVD)

Hwal - The Bow (DVD)

           Hwal – The Bow (DVD)
               Genre: Drama, Romance
               Girls, sea, fishing, boat, bow
  Even so, the oracle can be questioned: on the hull of a decommissioned trawler shines a Buddha drawing, swings on a swing in front of a young girl who acts as a medium. This package takes from a small dinghy from one archer to target. Three arrows are shot. They take the Buddha’s face – and not just the girl. This pulls the arrows from the ship’s side and whispers – back on the deck of the cutter – their wisdom to the shooter’s ear. The transmits them to the clients that are similar to the spectators below shaken in the screening room whether the daring drama. But the two seem to know exactly what they do. The old man with his bow and the girl who speaks only one film for very little, and in a whisper, just when the future of other people interviewed. They are in turn guests who visit the coastline long before the floating boat to fish from it equal to several days at sea. By attending the couple denies its existence. With the monotony and loneliness of the old and the child-woman who does not seem to struggle with the circumstances, visitors and some fixed rituals they have arranged well. If it comes to attacks by the angler, is then the old man with a bow and arrow on the spot. The girl wants to be protected. Finally, it in less than a month is 17 years old. Then will the old man who has so far proven to be a father figure to take the girl to woman. Only one guest he gets in his way. A young student attracted the attention of the girl. She feels attracted to him, the aversion to the old man and the existence of wakes on the ship. The old man must respond, the wedding is bike is in danger, the student, life on board gets out of hand. In his twelfth film disappointed Kim Ki-duk bogenschützenpfeilgenau those expectations in a fun and less dramatic, urban and landschaftspoetische films that have his most recent productions have to pay. Had developed his directing style with Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring, Samariaund Bin Jip – Empty houses apparently in precisely this direction. With the bow he took to his heels, as it describes the open sea and on the scene a nutshell, a highly concentrated volatile history of emotional and erotic dependency, repressed and open violence and, finally, supernatural occurrences. For religion and spirituality are now an integral part of his films. What, however, the interpretation for western audiences not just easier. Of course Kim is with the bow and a critic of the South Korean reality, even if the actual land beyond the horizon is invisible. Old man and girl without origin and without a name associated in ritual silence. The rough and untamed anglers, the student who brings the message from the parents of the girl, still looking for her. This again is the favorite venue Kimsche, the periphery of South Korea, Boom nation with various drawbacks, repressed conflicts and the different modernization losers. But then there is also the bow that can be transformed instantly into a fiddle. Weapon and musical instrument, the fortune-telling and a wedding at sea. Amazement of the audience wonders whether it was opportune to Buddha images and Yin and Yang symbol to shoot arrows. In general, the archer as a navigator: enough here the European antiquity to the Far Eastern thought the hand? Kim Ki-duk as Botho Strauss, the South Korean cinema? Myths games on the Yellow Sea? The movie was shot in January 2005 in full 17 days. It was also the crew all the time on the sea, which was jahreszeitengemäß very restless. The extremely complicated production conditions may explain why the film did not quite as powerful pictures. All the more oppressive then act scenes in which the young girl running in snow in the thin summer dress over the deck. If she sits in the evening in bathtub and show her leg bright blue spots. No doubt, the bow is brittle and oppressive. The small size of the venue prohibits Kim usual comic digressions and phrases. And yet again shows his narrative ingenuity, can convince all the actors. Han Yeo-Reum as a girl is adorable, the cliché of the Far East almost over-child-woman. Jeon Sung-Hwan as an old man – stoic, virile, yet elegant. It is the dramatic center of the film. The old man will fail. But as he loses, as he leads his battle for the girl, his wife hoped that it would not yet have been in the cinema. Kim Ki-Duk in ensuring that South Korea remains the premier destination for innovative art of film in the present. (Andreas Kock)
  Title: Hwal – The Bow (DVD) Country of production: South Korea Year of Production: 2005 Length: 86 (Min.) ( #) Published at: Rapid Eye Movies format: 16 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German, DD 5.1, Cor. EAN: 4260017062859 Extras: Making Of, Trailer

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