Hunting Party – When the hunter became the hunted

Hunting Party - When the hunter became the hunted

Hunting Party – If the hunter is the hunted

  The journalist Simon Hunt (Richard Gere) and his cameraman Duck (Terence Howard) are a good team that has already experienced a lot together: together they were in almost all regions of the world crisis on the road and have produced reports that have become a legend within the industry are. Whether in Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq and El Salvador, the two were always there, where it burned, where people died by senseless violence, civil war or other conflicts.

, But one day in 1994 changed everything in one fell swoop – as Hunt to a report in the small Bosnian village of Polje is sent where it has conducted a massacre, he loses his nerve, accosted during a live circuit the moderator of the news broadcast at the end and stretches his backside at the camera. What follows is the sudden end of a successful career. Duck is lucky and lands soft, he was appointed chief cameraman and can now live a comfortable life, however, Hunt crashes, gets by with bold features for small and micro-television networks and one day disappear entirely from the scene. But the prophets of doom longer …

A few years later, Duck report sent jointly with the inexperienced reporter Benjamin Strauss (Jesse Eisenberg), the son of the station’s vice-presidents to Sarajevo, at the celebrations marking the anniversary of the war ending. Prompt the two meet again Simon Hunt, who is a hot thing on the track that it will again bring in the large channels into the game: “He knows where the internationally wanted war criminal known as Dr. Boghdanovic (Ljubomir Kerekes),” the fox “resident. But the hunt for the “fox” is for the reporter to a veritable suicide mission …

Richard Shepard’s quite fast-paced and exciting, albeit plenty of conventional film Hunting Party – If the hunter became the hunted / The Hunting Party is based on a realistic experience from the year 2000. In October of that year appeared in the American magazine , Esquire , an article titled “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” by journalist Scott Anderson. It Andersen described how he got together with four colleagues in Sarajevo on the idea of the submerged to the present day war criminals Radovan Karadzic to find on your own. The reward of his labors would not only be a real top story, but also a reward of 5 million U.S. dollars have been. In fact, it managed the journalists into the vicinity of the feared leader of the Bosnian Serbs, but have been seriously impeded in their investigations of the CIA. This, then, the real background to Hunting Party – If the hunter is the hunted. Compared to the actual events has been streamlined for Lainwandadaption lot, changed and sometimes pushed to the very top of what the credibility of the film will not exactly help. Indeed, the film presents a variety of tonalities, shows itself once a biting sarcasm, then again a little maudlin, then as a buddy movie of the first water and then again as a political thriller. That is considered very pleasing and also very entertaining, sometimes funny, if you like that kind of films, the real issue, however, is wasted and only serves as a peg for the story. And even if it is determined at the end of “Only the most incredible parts of this story is true, then that’s quite a bold claim.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Hunting Party – When the hunter becomes the hunted Original Title: The Hunting Party Country of production: U.S., Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia Year of production : 2007 Length: 104 (Min) of material: Senator / Central Film

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