Human Zoo

Human Zoo

Human Zoo

Human Zoo is one of those films in which one’s smile is stuck in his throat. The feature film debut of young Danish girl Rie Rasmussen is this year’s opening film Panorama section of the Berlinale. Rasmussen, director and lead actress in a personal union plays Adriatic, a young woman, half Serb and half Albanian, escaped during the Balkan crisis, with the help of a Serbian deserters to death. Her later life she spent illegally in France, where she tries to start a new life. The gap between their adventures begin and attempting a modern, western European and happy life, is very large. Skillfully introduces the audience to build from a change from flashbacks to the days of the war and in Adriatic attempts a new life.

In the Adriatic, although victims of unfortunate circumstances, but never passive and weak. Quietly and with great intelligence, they worked under the worst conditions of their freedom and independence. Even if the men are thinking in their lives that they live by depending on them, it but that may soon not even let her off. Adriatic bitter fate is not shown in usual dramatic fashion. Rasmussen shows with intelligent humor and an anarchic tangy storytelling style that you can abgewinnen even the greatest tragedies a laugh. Equally refreshing as are the emotional sex scenes, the spraying not only with passion and zest for life. For all the voyeurism they convey through their naturalness in a rare film to be seen by the openness and humanity could cut everyone a slice of American cinema.

Rasmussen staged a dynamic whirl of emotions. As in real life and wit are deeply drama, great love and death so close to each other, with moments that you do not know if they should laugh or be horrified. And that is exactly what Rie Rasmussen at heart. As she herself said in the introduction: it is to have strong feelings for life. We must either love or hate the film abysmal. Who will take him only lukewarm, which they unfortunately had to kill after the performance.

Human Zoo, is an anarchic jewel in constant emotional roller coaster, never kitschy, but whining never filled with love, charm and a very new view of the converging Europe.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: Human Zoo Country of production: France Year of production: 2008 Length: 110 (Min)

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