How to cook your Life

How to cook your Life

How to Cook Your Life

  The Germans are the fattest in Europe recently. On the other hand needs to be done urgently: more exercise and healthier eating are all popular. The filmmaker Doris Dorrie has adopted the theme of eating a little more intense: The result is the documentary How to Cook Your Life, a sense observation of the culinary art of the Californian philosopher and Zen Lehrpriesters Edward Espe Brown.

The 57-year-old German director Dorrie, known for comedies such as Men (1985) and Naked (2002), the Buddhist master chef Ed Brown in the summer of 2006 at three sites visited and monitored its effect: in the Buddhist center Scheibbs Austria, the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California and the Zen Center in San Francisco. All places where he teaches people from different backgrounds and generations the art of cooking, and even the art of life teaches. Munter philosophize about it, which means cooking and eating for the community and the individual and the extent to which our attitude and our attitude is reflected to the world. The bitter realization: The people of today have neither the time nor the inclination to cook and this leads to the loss of community, tradition and culture. And if you look at the fat Germans turn aside to look, and to additional pounds on your hips.

By Jörg Jeshel The camera takes a student to participate as philosophically, spiritually inspired cooking lessons, looking curiously at the kneaded Teigbatzen, the bright strawberries, carrots, radishes, delicious pastries and ring-bread, the eager hands – they is right in the middle, but still cautious, because without comment. While the chef is meandering between potatoes and bread, he proofread and edited with stoic dignity about the tradition of Zen Master Dogen, the founder of the Soto Zen school of Chi Gong and the doctrine of “Touch of mindfulness” and his esteemed guru Suzuki Roshi . He tells how he came to a boil and rage of the former, which he has overcome with the long cooking, and today reached a stage of Buddhist enviable happiness.

Doris Dorrie keep in mind how easy it is to change one’s life and awareness of proper, healthy meal. Like cars, Erwin Hofer We Feed the World (2006), which gives its viewers a kind of shopping advice to the hand, does the documentation how to cook your life as a nutritional counselor. It is thus not primarily concerned to demonstrate the adverse conditions, but what you can do about it. While a rapidly at We feed the World lose all appetite, he is excited at how to cook your life sooner. After the credits roll, the pleasure is even a cooked vegetable dish is greater than for a quick hamburger at McDonald’s. And that’s already something. Develop

respect for food – that message has certainly been associated with Doris Dorrie’s film over. More than any draft Alfred Biolek cooking show has its documentation all. The question remains whether Koch-/Lebenskonzept Ed Brown is also applicable in everyday life, in which we want the peace and quiet of a Zen monastery so eagerly awaiting.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: How to Cook Your Life Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 93 (Min) Rental: MFA + Film Distribution

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