Hodgepodge of Pettersson and Findus

Hodgepodge of Pettersson and Findus
               Genre: Animation, Family Film
  The stories of the old Petterson and his little cat Findus from the pen of Sven Nordqvist already belong to the permanent component of German children. No wonder then that the series was followed by several audio books, a PC game with the two heroes from Sweden and an animated series with 26 episodes. As of 2001, finally followed by the movies as the first final stage in the rendering chain. And now, just in time for the approaching holiday season, the adventures of the match between ruling and simply the best hangover following the Now in its fourth feature film, during which it again in the peaceful Sweden is about belonging.

Remember, what you wish for, it might come true, “is one piece of advice that you hear is not always happy. Similarly, it was made of the little cat Findus, which would finally be large. Because going in fairy tales and children’s stories such wishes happy times to magically come true, shrinks the old Petterson overnight, while Findus grows. Quickly, the former kitten recognize that the Großsein it is one thing. For, suddenly, we take no longer as free as a kid, must bear responsibility, and has a lot of work. Sun hopes the cat quickly, everything should be reversed as quickly as possible to the old. For Petterson also loses his memory and his difficulty Findus has a hair and all that to tell what they have seen the two together.

Of course, mess with Petterson & Findus, especially for the smallest cinema audiences a pleasure, with some charm. What then but seems a bit disturbing is the fact that it is in this film really only a compilation of various stories from the TV series, which were newly composed and arranged. Secure children may especially stories with which they are reasonably familiar. But you have to overdo it right so with the recycling? With all due sympathy for both animated beautifully and finely synchronized heroes from Sweden – is this movie is worth exploring, at least in large parts as well at home in the DVD edition. Or better yet, to read and. Especially as the graphic quality still not equal in all entertainment value to the playful and highly detailed world of books and the story is a little too episodic created – just a mess.

(Paul Collmar)

Title: mess with Pettersson and Findus Original Title: Pettson & Findus – Glömligheter Country of production: Sweden Year of production: 2009 Length: 70 (Min) of material: MFA + Film Distribution

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