Hierankl – TV-Tip of the Week

Hierankl - TV-Tip of the Week

Hierankl – TV-Tip of the Week

  Sometimes television show in the programming of a rare skill: As soon start in German cinemas with a winter trip, the second collaboration by director Hans Steinbichler with the actor Josef Bierbichler is also their first joint work Hierankl on TV again.
(# ) On a platform in Munich stands Lena (Johanna Wokalek). You must decide: go back to Berlin, where she lives, or towards the south. There, on the edge of the Alps, Lena’s family lives on the lonely farm Hierankl. For years, Lena has not seen her family. At seventeen she ran away after a disagreement with her mother, Rose Marie (Barbara Sukowa) to Berlin. Now at last she feels strong enough to return to Rose Marie Hierankl and meet again. The sixtieth anniversary of your father Luke (Josef Bierbichler) is a welcome opportunity, and Lena will see Paul (Frank Giering), her brother again. She takes the train to the south. The same day, take one more surprise guest in Hierankl. Goetz Hildebrand (Peter Simonischek), a mutual friend of the parents of study time. He appears after thirty years for the first time. Goetz Hierankl still knows the way Lena had remembered it, and he also knows how it was here before her time, when he still had a dramatic love affair with Rose Marie. Lena now harbors deep feelings for the enigmatic, handsome stranger, and plunges into an amour fou, but puts an unexpected chain reaction …..

with Hierankl successful director Hans Steinbichler a wonderful new blood in the genre home movie that shows great emotions, without being suffocated – as the models from the fifties – in the kitsch. The film is not perfect, but Steinbichler indeed is only at the beginning of his career – Hierankl is his debut film, despite this fact, and shows a remarkable maturity and power, can cut off one of the many other young directors a proper disc.

Title: Hierankl – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2003 Length: 93 (min) ( #)

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