Here’s Lola!

Heres Lola!

Here’s Lola!

               Genre: Family Film
               School, pop star, balloon, Best Friend

The birth of a very talented actress

  Lola is a bold, dreamy adolescent schoolgirl who entertains no greater desire than to finally find those people who always and everywhere it stands to the side: the best friend, who else? Representing all the other girls in this world who complain about the lack of a reliable, sorrow and joy dividing soul mate, Lola flees in bold, imaginative worlds – in a parallel universe in which they are always hineinträumt if it differs from the adult world and challenged feel ignored. In her dreams she is the center of the world: She sings and dances, the audience yells at her, while herannähert from the side, a man who makes all sorrow suddenly forget: the best friend, for sure.

exhausted in this dream sequence is actually already the story of the film Here’s Lola!. As a script of the same children’s book by Isabel Abedi was available, which has sold more than 1.2 million times. The cinematic translation of Franziska Buch, however, is so indecisive and disorganized turned out that the short flashes and sometimes quite hervorschimmernden Highlights are unable to disguise the lack of pace of the story. The script makes for long stretches of time not worry about what will actually happen – the ignorance of a permanent, quo vadis’ So – but looking for support in the narrative world of feeling disoriented veträumten-9-year-olds.

Yes, there are those other than the actual action that transcends issues, which takes up the film to make it fall quickly again: For example, the strange-looking appearance for the contemporary world of Brazilian father, who is forced to flee with his wife Lola and from a north German town to Hamburg. The province takes umbrage at his skin color, which ends with graffiti on his house wall in a primitive way. Therefore, the Brazilian Papa in Hamburg can finally realize his life project: He decides to open a restaurant. The audience participates in the creation of this culinary experiment as well as personal freedom, but will not be at a real confrontation with the structural xenophobia. Too bad. The venom of Lola’s classmate who adhere to the “new” have to get used, are indeed consistent, however, contribute to dry and drawn one-dimensionally, to be dragged into the audience completely into the action to be.

As antagonist as the bad girl of the story so to speak, act, a strange Lola’s classmate, whose Eleutherococcus at the first meeting of the new immigrant is reluctant to be. But here are interchanged formerly cultivated certainties: Lola gaining a greater understanding of what really counts, and – as we learn to adults too – can very deceiving as the first impression. This moral teaching does not affect charmless, in principle, as is a link for a 90-minute work but just not enough. Even the partial amateurish go and – so far you have – almost without love anrangierten vocal deposits are compositionally especially dull and rather than get embarrassed so enriching.

Show playfully shows Julia Jentsch good as Lola’s mother craft. More clearly the contrast with Hoku Ho is striking that a revised parent plays underdog who has to work out hard for their daily bread in a fish-fry. It is almost frightening how bored Tschirner acts as if they we constantly rub their nose would be that this film is nothing more than a classic work commissioned for her. However, everyone should be strongly advised not to apply the manifest weaknesses of the film against the young actress Meira to Durand. It is the largest profit of this production, a charismatic personality that draws a responsibility to set just that but these brief moments of fascination, of whom one feels taken with him and stunned. After all this: Here is Lola! does not announce the long awaited emergence of a delightful children’s film, but the birth of a very talented and convincing actress who plays Nora Tschirner even in the shade. And that is perhaps more than you can charge.

(Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: Here’s Lola! Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 100 (Min) Distribution : Constantin Film Distribution

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