Genre: Drama
  In 2020, the second most common disease to depression, cardiovascular damage will be. The feared, the World Health Organization. But what does this often concealed suffering? Sandra Nettelbeck its venerable film is a relentlessly open view.

“It was hell,” says title character, Helen (Ashley Judd) in retrospect once. But those are harsh words, which remain meaningless in light of what we witnessed nearly two hours and miterleiden part. In this well-designed and exciting drama told there is, for all entertainment needs, regardless of any embellishment. Helen’s depression is a terrible and inexplicable decline from which there seems to be a long time no escape. That is disturbing: no one can be blamed, not bad husband, no bullying colleagues, no bad mother and no traumatic experience. Like a black curse breaks from the disease. No one has seen it, suddenly it’s there.

The demands of the viewer, of course, a certain willingness to face the facts. On the other hand have psychic depths in the cinema something fascinating. Director Sandra Nettelbeck (Mostly Martha) keeps the balance between horror and sympathy very clever. It lets us witness the torture, which is preparing a depressive his closest family. But she also lets us see just what’s on Helen – in the beauty of melancholy in the blue-green pain aesthetics of a city by the sea. They achieved their goal Enlightenment, without the intention that we noticed right: make us acquainted with the accompanying symptoms of a disease that is still taboo. The film is a labor of love of the director. It is dedicated to her friend who killed himself after a long mental illness.

Helen is the story of a successful music professor at the peak of their professional and personal happiness. It is an inner radiation, which lies in the first minutes of film on her face. But then – they do not even know why gets – her life totally out of control. Was it the meeting with the young cellist, who suffers from the same disease and it just goes bad? It remains unclear, with good reason, for the suicidal depression, which now breaks even with Helen again, can come out of nowhere. It leads into a hole, in which only death seems the only salvation: a seducer with a magical attraction. And the only way to prepare supposedly, the unimaginable inner torment and panic attacks to an end.

In fact, Gillian Anderson ( had to play X-Files ) to the title role. But probably it was fortunate that Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy) stepped in after its cancellation. The actress had to be treated in 2006, inter alia, for depression and was similarly dealt aggressively as in Germany, the footballer Sebastian Deisler. Probably you have to have experienced similar conditions once to play the role as nuanced and believable as the leading lady: the simultaneity of desperation and truth of appearances, this terrible shame about their own failure, this absolute will, and yet can not. ( #)
Quite deliberately Sandra Nettelbeck Helen will be speaking with a broad audience. It would be like the movie.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Helen Country of production: Germany, United States, United Kingdom Year of production: 2008 of material: Warner Bros.

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