Heart of Fire – The journey of the young Awet

Heart of Fire - The journey of the young Awet

Heart of Fire – The journey of the young Awet

  Seldom has a German film in anticipation of a Berlinale and before his first performance as provided for excitement and opposition as Luigi Falornis competition entry Heart of Fire – The journey of the young Awet, the loosely on the autobiography of the same name is based Senait Mehari. This contradiction is the experience of the film, mainly due to the author against whom, in February of 2007, the first voices were loud, insisted on the fact that Mehari was never trained as a child soldier – a charge that still in the space available and gives the film a heavy burden on their way to the cinemas. But this is not the only burden to carry the feature film debut, Luigi has Falornis. Already the shooting proved to be a difficult undertaking – a shooting permit for Eritrea has not been issued, so that the team had to resort to Kenya. And finally jumped from five days before filming began, the real actors – for fear, it is reported, so that amateur actors had to be cast in a camp that dominated the country’s language Tigrinya.

Heart of Fire tells the story of the little Eritrean girl Awet (Letekidan Micael), which is brought up by nuns, sent to her father’s older sister, to bring the child back home. As a parting Avet replaced by one of the sisters, an embroidered picture of a fiery heart, that she takes from now on as a talisman to himself – they will be able to use a lucky charm. For Awet father is a ne’er-do and bravado that does not shrink about to spend his coming from a Kneipenrauferei scarring than wounds from the war of liberation in Eritrea. And he also has no qualms about his two daughters as young pioneers in one of two competing armies of liberation be stuck. At first the little Avet is still preserved, but soon they get all the cruelty of the civil war perceived. But their sense of justice and her “heart of fire” to help her finally to find a way out of the chaos of war is …

, despite a convincing actress Heart of Fire – The journey of the young Awet too much on distance from his characters – especially such as if the director Luigi Falorni the controversy surrounding his film already suspected. And so he said in a press conference at the Berlinale 2008, that there was no way he went about filming Senait meharis book verbatim, but rather he wanted to tell a universal story about a girl in the war. Perhaps this explains the very small amount of information received by the audience on Eritrea in the early eighties. Less understood, however, is downright staging, which always follows in the footsteps Awet and represent their views to be tried. But the true horror of war, they never actually touch here, everything is more or less predictable and a little touching described, so that the tears of the brave actress hardly useful to strengthen our compassion. And the end where the little girl with a big heart with his sister and another comrade, and then just runs away in the desert, almost leading to death, so laconic and at one point unintentionally funny advised that one is almost glad that The film finally is over. Even if Luigi Falorni’s film wants to be understood primarily as a universal parable on child soldiers around the world and the adverse circumstances of the shooting must be taken into consideration – from an issue like this could have been more able to make more.
(# ) (Joachim Kurz)

Title: Min Heart of Fire – The journey of the young Awet Country of production: Germany, Austria Year of production: 2008 Length: 92 ( ) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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